Armored Fist Example of Play

Blood and Snow – Finnish ski trooper ambush, 1939

Defender: Finnish ski troopers: three infantry squads with one Medium Machine Gun (MMG) and one Lahti 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle (ATR). The Finns are hidden in light woods and Deep Snow, 250m (5”) from a narrow unpaved road.

Aggressor: Russian motorized column, eight infantry squads with an MMG riding in four trucks, led by a T-26 tank.

Turn One, Russian Side

There’s been no contact yet, so there is no need for Cohesion rolls. Russian force begins in motion, so there is no supporting fire phase. The convoy’s movement rate is helped by the road (x2 for trucks), but also hurt by the snow (1+1=2MP per inch). The Finns will see automatically see the vehicles moving in the open a long way away, but decide to wait for the column to get closer. The Russian finish their move 10” from the closest Finns.

Base 25”, target has moved +10”, snow -5” = base 30”

The Finns hold their fire, so we move on to the Russian Advancing Fire phase. They now have a chance to spot.

Base 25”, target is infantry -15”, target in cover -15”, but observer is moving (including the infantry since they are in vehicles) >4mp -10, +5” target has heavy weapon for the ATR crew = base <0”, so 5” 8-, 10” 4-

The Russian company rolls 8, and fails to detect the Finns.

Turn One, Finnish side

The Finns haven’t been fired on, so don’t roll Cohesion. They spend the turn picking out their targets and acquiring a -1 aim bonus.

Turn two, Russian side

There’s been no contact, so no cohesion roll is required, and since there are no stationary Russians, so there is still nobody eligible to support fire.

The convoy continues its move, passing in front of the Finns. The ATR crew takes aim at the T-26, firing at 5” as it moves by.

20mm Range 5” base to hit 8, moving target +2, aim -1 = 7

The crew rolls 8, missing the target. The colored dr is 3, so the ATR is still eligible to fire during the rest of Defensive Fire. The Russians can react to the fire: they can choose to stop the lead vehicle and/or declare a gun duel if they are fired on again and make their detection roll.

The T-26 crew decides to keep moving, and the ATR crew fires again. The T-26 crew knows it can’t hit with the main gun, so it will have to wait and advancing fire its MG. The ATR’s odds are still the same, and it rolls 6, hitting, but ending its actions during Defensive Fire. The Finnish ATR crew now calculates the To Kill (TK) result of the hit on the side armor of the T-26.

20mm base TK range vs I Armor = 24”. The target is 5” away and thus at least 6” less than the base penetration, so the TK # is 9.

The Finnish ATR crew rolls 9, stunning the T-26 crew. The vehicle is marked with a STUN chit. Its fate is unknown until the following Cohesion phase.

The trucks in the convoy must spend as many movement points in convoy as the T-26 did up until the first shot was fired. The first truck moves forward and receives fire from a Finnish rifle squad. The Finnish squad has bolt-action rifles, so it has Fire Power (FP) 4 to 8”. The truck is unarmored, so they will roll for the crew and each rider (two squads in this case) on the 4 column of Chart F. The occupants get no cover bonus, but the firer does not get Target In Open, so it is an unmodified roll.

A Hold or Suppressed result would force a bail check, and Rout would cause the occupant to disembark immediately. The squad rolls 8 vs the vehicle crew, of no effect. They roll 6 vs the first squad = Hold, and the squad rolls Cohesion (base 10, surprised +2 =8). They roll a 9 and must bail out of the vehicle and go on Hold until their next cohesion phase.

The DR vs. the second squad is 7 = Hold, and the squad also bails out of the truck and goes on Hold on a DR 10.

The truck still has a crew and opts to keep moving. The following trucks move up and unload trheir squads. The Finnish squad with the MMG fires on the last vehicle in line. The MMG can immobilize the truck in addition to hurting the occupants.

The MMG crew rolls to hit the truck for purposes of the attack on the vehicle. The MMG’s base is 8, -1 for aimed fire. The Dr is 4, a hit. The TK base is 0”, so the vehicle will be immobilized on TK # 5. The DR is 8, so the truck is still drivable.

The combined squad and MMG FP is 8. The Chart F roll vs the crew is 8 = Hold, and the crew rolls its Bail Check (Cohesion 10-2=8, like the squads). They roll 8 and bravely stay in the cab of the truck. The roll vs the first squad is 4, eliminating the squad. The last roll is 6, Suppression. The squad’s DR is 2, and they are suppressed but remain in the truck.

Defensive Fire ends with the Russians bloodied but ready to fight: the T-26 stunned, one squad eliminated, and one suppressed, and two squads on hold in the open. Two squads have unloaded from the middle truck and reached the snow at the edge of the road.

The Russian squads can fire in Advancing Fire if they detect the enemy. The previous numbers have changed because they are no longer in a moving vehicle and the enemy has fired, so they will automatically be detected.

Base 25”, target is infantry -15”, target in cover -15”, target has fired +15”, +5” target has heavy weapon for the ATR crew = 15” automatic detection

They have bolt-action rifles, so their normal FP is 4, but it is halved for Advancing Fire. They combine their fire at the MMG crew. The crew is in woods +1 and Deep Snow +1. The DR is 4, modified to 6, and a Hold is placed on the Finnish squad until the end of the Finnish turn.

Turn two, Finnish side

The first thing that happens in Cohesion is the STUN check on the T-26. The dr is 1, eliminating the T-26. There’s no crew survival roll.

The Finns now roll Cohesion. Their base is 11, and no modifiers apply. The DR is 8, and they pass, but the MMG squad is still under the effects of the Hold.

The Finns that aren’t on hold could put on their skis and disappear into the trees, but they want to kill more Russians and help their compatriots at the MMG, so they opt to Support Fire.

The ATR crew fires at the last truck in line, hoping to trap the remaining trucks. The range is 8”, and the 20mm base to hit is 6. They roll a 6, hitting, and maintain their eligibility to fire in Support Fire with a 3 on the colored dr.

This is a single AP shot, so the roll is only vs the vehicle. The To Kill base vs I Armor is 24”, so the TK# is 9. The DR is 7, destroying the truck, and forcing survival rolls for the crew and Suppressed squad. The base is 5. The crew rolls 11, the squad 7, and both are eliminated.

The squad could also have fired its inherent firepower -- at the same target only – but there’s no one left to kill, so they take another ATR shot, hitting one of the remaining trucks and eliminating the truck and crew.

The other two squads combine their 4 FP FP with the MMG (used by the second squad, which is on hold), attack on the squads on hold together in the road, gaining a -1 bonus for a target in the open. The DR is 7, modified to 6. A 6 on the 12 column = Rout, so both squads are marked as routed. During their next move they must move away from the enemy into cover, and then they will be changed to Suppressed at the end of their turn.

All the Finns took their action during Support Fire, so the turn ends.

Turn three, Russian side

The Russians make their first Cohesion roll. Their base Cohesion is 10, modified by Surprised (since this is the first check after the surprise attack) +2, and they roll 11, failing by 3. CN3 means the unit must halt (except for the two routed squads) and can’t Support Fire.

Although the Russians still technically outnumber the Finns, their morale failures have placed them in a terrible position and their vehicles loses have robbed them of their mobility. The Finns slip their skis on and disappear into the trees, secure in the knowledge that the few surviving Russians are unlikely to ever make it home alive.