Wizard Festival

Upcoming Wizard Festival Dates

Bradley, IL- July 31, 2021


Northfield Square Mall- Bradley, IL

Valparaiso, IN- October 1-3, 2021

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana - South Haven Club- Valparaiso, IN

Cedar Lake, IN- April 22-24, 2022

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Northwest Indiana- Cedar Lake Club - Cedar Lake, IN

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This is a family friendly event that is suitable for all ages, whether you have always been a fan or you are just along for the ride this is an amazing experience! A magical event put on by fans of the great wizard and witch books/movies that is meant to bring fans together and give wizards the chance to enjoy community in this immersive environment. Wizard Festival will give you the feeling that you stepped into the Wizarding World!


Study Magic in this immersive experience. Attend classes including Charms, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, and more! Visit "Wizard Alley" where you can shop for all your wizard merchandise! Have lunch, dinner, a snack, or enjoy a themed drink like Butterbeer, Poly Juice Potion, and more at The Cauldron. Don't miss out on this magical experience!

Classrooms & Activities

Classrooms and Activities will be running throughout the event time- each Wizard will receive a classroom and event schedule upon admittance to Wizard Festival!


Learn the correct way to brew potions and about the ingredients that go into potion making.


Learn about magical plants and how to care for them.

Care of Magical Creatures

Have fun learning about all sorts of creatures during a fun interactive presentation with live animals!


Be sure to to stop by “Wizard Alley” to buy your wand & Spellbook and join us for Charms class where you will learn incantations and spells along w/ proper wand movements.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Learn how to magically defend yourself against dark creatures, arts, and charms. Wizards will get a chance to learn how to duel and maybe even participate in one!

Wizard Trivia

Be sure to stop by The Great Hall to play for your house in Wizard Trivia in a race for the house cup.

Flying Lessons

Learn the proper way to fly a broom and participate in a broom race!

House Sorting

Get sorted into your house by our Sorting Hat during our sorting ceremony!

Dining & Vendors

Stop by our "Wizard Alley" and check out the shops and don't forget to save room for some delicious eats and treats at the restaurant and bar!

The Hogs Head Restaurant

We will be having a special themed menu for you to enjoy throughout the event including Roasted Phoenix, Hogsmeade Sausage, and much more! Don't forget to pick up your Chocolate Frog!

"Wizard Alley"

Visit "Wizard Alley" where you can shop for all your wizard merchandise! Stop by Ollivanders and try out a variety of wands to see which wand chooses you!

The Cauldron Bar

Enjoy a themed drink like Butterbeer, Poly Juice Potion, and more at The Cauldron. Order Yours served in a specialty souvenir glass to take home!

*Wizarding Events Program, Classes, Activities, Dining, and Vendors are subject to change without notice*