The Witch Star Project is a personal and therapeutic work of expeditionary art & design .

Images in the gallery above are taken from Marketing is our Greatest Art Form - an ATU exhibition in March 2019, at the old tram shelter in Ditchling Road, Brighton.


Poor old Danny Ronson, he means well but he’s mad [in other words, he’s been outvoted].  And while he’s been most effective as our community support worker, he doesn’t really understand our objectives.

We’re endeavouring to convince Channel Four Television to broadcast one of our videos [containing a hidden message we believe would radiate into space before it fell into a black hole and then spiralled back in time to Nostradamus (a 16th century French mystic) who would - from his crystal ball - then predict for us the winning numbers in next week’s National Lottery] but they’re not even rejecting us.  They’re just entirely ignoring our proposals.

Danny, however, believes our proposals have been generally unrealistic and mostly incoherent.  He thinks Channel 4 might be willing to commission something a little more “doable” (such as a 15-second channel ident to mark World Mental Health Day*) if its commissioners were to be “approached by a recognisably professional and well-connected representative” of this Southern Counties NHS Foundation Trust.

* A precedent for such a production would be the ITV Creates project.

We’re giving Danny the benefit of the doubt, but only for a little while longer – since he doesn’t appear to be getting much support from his managers.  [Click here to read Danny’s letter to the Chair and to the Chief Executive of the Southern Counties NHS Foundation Trust, and their reply.]

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