Wise Parenting Academy

Your one stop neurodiversity-affirming resource to understad autism, ADHD , Anxiety and enjoy your parenting journey

Imagine being able to understand what happens in the body and mind of the person with autism. Here we educate you to make it a reality. Here you will learn that your child is not damaged or that there is something wrong with his brain.

You will learn to understand how the nervous, sensory, and emotional systems react to the environment, which causes your behaviors. You will learn to work with their way of understanding and reacting to what is happening around them.

We believe that children behave well when they have the necessary skills to do so. We understand that behaviors communicate to us the areas in which the minor lacks the skills he needs to face the demands of the environment.


You can finally stop feeling powerless, confused and afraid of what will happen in your future.

You can finally feel that you know what to do to help your child during his sensory / emotional crises.

You can finally stop feeling guilty or pointed out by society that does not understand the unique functioning of your child's brain.

We help you to understand autism, ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, trauma, learning disability, and more.

You will learn to understand how the nervous, and sensory system interacts with your child behaviors & emotions.

You will finally understand what is going on in your child's mind, sensory system, and why he or she does what they do.

You will learn evidence-based strategies that are easy to use at home or in public.

Even when we use evidence-based strategies, we are sensitive and we encourage the individual to define their goals in their personal transformation processes.

Our educational and intervention programs focus on understanding behaviors from a sensory, trauma-sensitive, and neurodivergence-supportive perspective.

Our focus goes beyond the behavior we work with the root - cause of it.

We use an holistic functional approach

We believe every behavior is communication and they tell us something important.

We offer Parent & family coaching, parent education, and support.

We offer life and job coaching to help you achive your career goals.

Dr. Jennifer Del Valle

After helping thousands of families in her 19 years of practice she knows what you need as a parent.

She knows the ups and downs of parenting a child with a neurodiverse brain while being a neurodivergent human.

While you are in coaching with her you will benefit from the knowledge she has in clinical psychology, neuroeducation, executive functions, colaborative solutions, mindfulness, emotional regulation, sensory regulation, coregulation, fight and flight, brain health, trauma, PDA, homeschool, holistic therapies, and more.

She has a doctors degree in clinical psychology with sub specialization in Autism, ADHD, trauma and anxiety. She is also certified in DBT, CBT, ACT, EMDR and as telemedicine provider.

Homeschool Coaching

A homeschool mom herself, she homeschooled her son during 10 years. She know all the hardships and rewards of homeschooling an autistic kid.

From being paralized by fear to have a fun and successful learing experience.

Emotional Wellness

Discover how to take care of your emotional wellnes and be able to achve your life goals.

Life or Job Coaching

Discover what is holding you up and learn how to achive a life worth living. Available for kids 8 years old to adults.

Autism Parent Coaching

Learn how to understand autism, sensory system and coregulation as an approach to achieve a quality family life.

How it works?

Initial Consultation

We will talk about all your concerns.

Strategic Planning

We will discuss your action plan

Educational Sessions

Here you will get all the knowledge you need to achieve your action plan

Coaching Sessions

will debrief, trouble-shoot, refine, and accelerate your action plan.