WINDSURFER is a 3 year project that is bringing together eight leading research institutions across Europe to co-develop new methods, tools and assessments of extreme wind and wave risk with a focus on Insurance, Forestry and Energy

Extreme winds pose major risks to life, property and forestry, while extreme ocean waves can impact on offshore infrastructures and coastal communities.

To support the Insurance, Forestry and Energy sectors, WINDSURFER will develop:

  • New methods and tools
  • Impacts studies
  • Localised climate information

These outputs will help these sectors better quantify current extreme wind and wave risk and understand how it might change in the future.

Find out how WINDSURFER is addressing knowledge gaps by reading our case studies in insurance, forestry and offshore energy. WINDSURFER deliverable reports are also available.

WINDSURFER News and Events

New study on the impact of climate change on European winds

A new study from the Finnish Meteorological INsititue (FMI) has been published in the Journal of Climate.

Projected Changes in European and North Atlantic Seasonal Wind Climate Derived from CMIP5 Simulations by Kimmo Ruosteenoja, Timo Vihma, and Ari Venäläinen

The study investigate the projections of climate change from 21 CMIP5 climate models finding substantial changes in high wind speeds. "In particular, in northern Europe in autumn and in parts of northwestern Europe in winter he frequency of strong westerly winds is projected to increase by up to 50%."

The paper is available here

NORA10EI Wave Reanalysis now available

The new NORA10EI wave reanalysis from Met Norway is now available at:

The wave reanalysis covers the Nordic and North Seas and the North East Atlantic for the period (1979-2017).

Engaging with the Oil and Gas Industry

The IOGP (The International Oil and Gas Producers Association) recently held a workshop on “Our future climate – understanding the spread of physical risk for the oil and gas industry”. The workshop brought together climate researchers and over 40 IOGP members from around the world. The aim of the workshop was to disseminate the latest research on how climate change may impact the oil and gas industry and what steps IOGP members can take to better understand these risks to assist with planning for adaptation to potential changes.

The ERA4CS WINDSURFER project was well represented at the workshop with Prof Oyvind Breivik from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute speaking on the impact of climate change on extreme waves and Prof Len Shaffrey from the National Centre for Atmospheric Science in the UK speaking on how the North Atlantic storms might change in the future.


The WINDSURFER project will be presenting new results from the project at the 2019 European Geophysical Union General Assembly in Vienna, 7-12 April. In addition, the WINDSURFER project partner will be holding their mid-term meeting at EGU. If you're interested in finding out more about WINDSURFER then contact

WINDSURFER is funded through the ERA4CS ERA-NET and the European Commission