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Welcome to Windsor Customs Racing, we specialize in Spec Miata, Showroom Spec Miata, ITA, ITS, SRF, and Vintage race events.

We now offer Tire Shaving!!

Reserve your SM, SSM Rental Today

Are you just getting started and want to try before you buy or maybe your car isn't quite ready for the upcoming driver's school or track day, or maybe you have a license and want to take part in a Regional or National race?

Whatever your needs we can custom tailor a rental plan that's just right for you, simply relax, arrive, and drive!!

Introducing W.R.A.D

By introducing our customers to W.R.A.D (Windsor's Relax, Arrive, and Drive) program we strive to provide the most cost effective, most relaxing and enjoyable race experience around.

We offer everthing from the beginner to the experienced racer, arrive and race, just bring your gear. Our cars are prepared by our team in house, arrive track ready, and with trackside support when required. We are dedicated to giving you the service you desire and strive to exceed your expectations.

As a W.R.A.D affiliate we can join you trackside to set up your paddock as well as support you and your team throughout your event.

Trackside we will monitor the condition of your brakes, fluids, tires, etc. If an incident should occur we have the professionals, supplies, and spares ready to get you and your car back on the track.

We can also store and transport your car---check out our schedule of events.

We offer our W.R.A.D customers:

Delivery to and from the event

Trackside Support

Driver Coaching

Family Atmosphere

Beverages, lite snacks

--- VIP and Group Rates Available! ---

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