Windscreen Repair


If you have chip,star, stone crack, long crack or any other damage on your windscreen and want to repair it for reasonable price and time, without replacing your windscreen. You Are on The Right Place!

it's cheaper and easier for you, to repair your windshield glass instead of replacing it ? We can fix it for less money!

Why you have to wait few days company to order it? We can fix it today!

Always you can give us a call for more information!

Our technician is always working to provide best service for our customers!

Tips, what you have to do now?

  1. Wipe with a dry cloth and stick tape on top of the crack to seal it (You will stop bringing more dirt into the crack)
  2. Find a time and contact us by phone, e-mail or Facebook. The problem is urgent, especially in autumn and winter.
  3. Give yourself enough time to repair it.Cracks are varied in shape, size, structure, not standard in most cases. In winter this time is double.
  4. The most accurate information about the condition of the crack and price, can be given after a thorough inspection.
  5. We offer Mobile Service ( we can come to your address but only with given appointment)!