1. We do not recommend external battery packs

  2. We will order external battery packs for Type C connections

  3. There is no warranty on GPS equipment due to usage of customers

  1. Current Model is a GL320MG 4G GPS Tracker

  2. This unit comes with a dual sim card on T-Mobile & AT&T

  3. Unit has a 2600 mAh battery

  4. Expect 11 to 15 days of operation based on placement and hours operated

Magnetic Case

  1. 25 Lb. single Magnet

  2. Water Proof IPX6

  3. Black

  4. Lined inner sleeve

  1. 10,000 mAh lithium battery pack

  2. Type C connector

  3. With charger specific for this battery

  4. Allow three days delivery time

  5. Fits New GL Trackers and has Fast C Connector

Special Wilson 905 Tracker

  1. Water proof

  2. 5000 mAh battery

  3. Estimated working days 17-28

  4. Internal magnets

  5. 1-2-3-5 Minute tracking settings

  6. Locate on demand

  7. Sleep when not moving

This unit is a special order unit designed by Wilson Tracking and has small internal magnets on the back side for attachment. We strongly suggest to glue an external round 25 Lb magnet to the back for secure attachments. We have tested this unit for waterproof features and tracking times. Our test showed more than 18 days with normal driving of 70 miles per day set on 1 minute reporting! This unit has not been released for sale at this time but we are in the process of releasing it for sale only to our current customers.