Our legacy began back in August of 1951 when the Wilmington Swimming Pool, Inc. was established.

Our first registered agent and address was Lawrence Bitterman, First National Bank Of Wilmington.

Eleven years latter, after much progress and development, we purchased the property and became Wilmington Recreation Club, Inc. in June 1962.

Our purpose was, and still is, to provide outdoor recreational facilities and activities for all our Members, present and future.

We would very much like to identify each of the individuals in this photo of some of our "Founding Fathers". If you know who's who, please send an email of the name of the person, associated with the # assigned and we will add the name.

Looking at the photo, I am starting with those sitting at the table as Row 1, left to right:

Jerry Gluck, Al Pechan, Frank "Lucky" Sedlar, Person 4, Bernie Southall, Gene Sorenson, "Moon" Muelling, Person 8

Looking at the row of men, Row 2, standing directly behind the persons seated at the table, left to right:

Joe Wierschem, Joe Sebek, Olie Beith, Dick Vero, Anthony Aldophino Sr., Bob Markley, Robert Colaric, John Zagorski, Tom Heinie, Person 18, John "Beans" Biniak.

Looking at the far rear row, Row 3, three men standing behind Row 2, left to right:

Bob Korinek, Dorvin "Bud" Beaver, Andy Zagorski Jr.

Also, in the event we have misidentified someone, please email that information to us also.

E-mail to: wilmingtonrcwebmaster@gmail.com