Distinguished Professor Willy Susilo

Australian Laureate Fellow

IEEE Fellow, IET Fellow, ACS Fellow, AAIA Fellow

Head, School of Computing & Information Technology

Director, Institute of Cybersecurity and Cryptology (iC2)

University of Wollongong, Australia

(E) wsusilo@uow.edu.au (P) +61 2 4221 5535

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Google Scholar   DBLP  ORCID: 0000-0002-1562-5105


Willy Susilo is an Australian Laureate Fellow, an IEEE Fellow, an IET Fellow, an ACS Fellow, and an AAIA Fellow. Willy Susilo has been awarded The Vice Chancellor's Research Excellence Award for Researcher of the Year  in 2016. He was also awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship in 2009.



School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT) 2024 - 2029

School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT) 2021 - now

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