Williamstown Tunnel Loop Proposal

A Feasibility Study is Needed:

Updated to v16 on 12 November 2019
Williamstown Tunnel Loop Proposal v16.pdf
Version tracking:
Endorsement support form addedV16 adds comments about tunnel construction and autonomous vehicles and changes other potential users pageV15 adds section about potential to service a wider array of potential public transport usersV14 amends maps on p1 and p7 to show the positions of dangerous level crossings on railway lines 15/10/19V13 amends p23 Ticking Boxes: re potential increased train services by 60% in South West Growth Corridor 13/10/19V12 amends p17 re potential for large scale evacuation of residents/workers from Williamstown Peninsula in event of catastrophy at Mobil MHF tanks and pier & pp3, 5, 18 amends the diagram to show generic changes to TBM to avoid the diagram only referencing The Boring Company and updates Boring Company information and links 12/10/19v11 mainly typosV10 adds p23 Ticking Boxes - assisting government policies across many ministriesprior to that draft formats had been distributed amongst members of the community who commented on order of the proposal sections and additional benefits, including that the Scienceworks proposed tunnel, Stage 3, might be linked to Fishermans Bend and CBD via a similar deep tunnel or Metro2.

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