William Lund


William Lund, retired from BYU as the Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology, at the Lee Library of Brigham Young University holds a Master of Science in Operations Research from Stanford University, a Masters of Library and Information Science degree from Drexel University, and a PhD in Computer Science from BYU. As a former research and development manager for Hewlett Packard Company, his background spans both library science and information technology. Currently, he is researching methods for improving optical character recognition of poor quality documents through the use of natural language processing tools.

Links and Personal Interests

Disney and their theme parks is a hobby. The Mouse Maps website documents all of the large poster-sized maps which used to be sold at the Disney parks.

Disneyland in Anaheim, California officially opened on July 17, 1955. Today, there are eleven theme parks either owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company or licensed from the Walt Disney Company, with more to come. Of those, five mirror in many aspects the original Disneyland and are called “The Magic Kingdom.” At its opening, Disneyland was unique. This site is dedicated to exploring the history of Disneyland through the large poster-size maps published and sold in the park.

Tasklist is an open source SourceForge project written in Perl for a simple web based tasklist.

I don’t spend as much time on Wikipedia as previously.

The Zell Scott Foundation is named after two of the grandmothers of the grantors and is funded through an inheritance. Our hope has been to share some of the blessings with which our Heavenly Father has blessed us with our community.

Favorite Radio Programs

  • This American Life. Ira Glass does a great job exploring and exposing stories you can’t stop listening to.
  • Pipedreams. Organ music, mostly from the US but some times from abroad.
  • NPR. National Public Radio for news.

Social Networking Connections

  • LinkedIn. A professional version of Facebook.
  • Facebook. I set up an account when I was trying to see what my daughters were doing. It is still there.
  • LibraryThing I suppose every librarian has a LibraryThing account. Books, books, and more books.

Coming "Real Soon"

  • Apps for the iPhone and Mac OS X