William Arbour


I am currently a PhD student in economics at the University of Toronto.

Previously, I completed a joint bachelor degree in economics and mathematics and a master degree in economics.

My research interests include applied econometrics, crime, education and labour.


Please, find the most up-to-date version of my CV here: CV


Master's Thesis

  • Impact of Economic Conditions and Marriage Market on Inmates' Recidivism (link)

Work in progress

  • Prison Rehabilitation Programs: Efficiency and Targeting (with Guy Lacroix and Steeve Marchand, draft coming soon)

  • Can Recidivism Be Prevented From Behind Bars? Evidence from a Behavioral Program (draft coming soon)

  • Economic Conditions, Marriage Market and Recidivism

  • Effect of Parole on Recidivism (with Steeve Marchand)

  • Assessing the Predictive Power of the LS/CMI: A Machine Learning Approach (with Guy Lacroix)


Teaching Assistant

  • Principles of Microeconomics, Quantitative Methods, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics


  • LaTeX workshop aimed to undergraduate and graduate students covering the basics of the language and the proper way to construct tables, equations, etc. Contact me for the slides and videos (in French).

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