Units on the recorder are done in grades 4 and 5. Learning to play the recorder is a fun, practical, and inexpensive way to teach music literacy skills, along with a wide array of musical concepts.

Loaned Recorders - Each student will be loaned a recorder for their exclusive use at school for the duration of the school year. These recorders have been thoroughly washed and sanitized, and each recorder will be labelled (in marker) with the child's name. These recorders will be left in the music room, and may not be taken outside the music room.

Purchasing Recorders - We also encourage families to purchase a recorder for their child to keep and to practice with outside of music time. Yamaha brand recorders can be purchased through the school for $6. At the music store, these recorders normally cost around $10. However, the Toronto District School Board is able to purchase them in bulk from Long and McQuade for approximately $5.30.  You are also welcome to purchase a recorder on your own from a music store. However, please note that dollar store recorders are NOT instruments. They are just toys, and don't play the same pitches as a real recorder.

Recorder Karate Belts

Students earn recorder karate belts as they master certain songs. There are 9 recorder karate belt levels. The recorder belt karate songs can be found in the Recorder Music Book below.  

Recorder Ninja Bonus Songs

For students who are really keen, there are advanced songs in the Recorder Ninja Bonus Book. There are 37 bonus songs! The first page of that book is a sheet with the songs, and spaces for students to put a sticker for each song they master. 

"Look fors" when learning your recorder songs:


Recorder Belts - Grades 4

White Belt - Hot Cross Buns (p.3)

Yellow Belt - Mary Had a Little Lamb (p.3)

Orange Belt - Au claire de la lune (p.3)

Green Belt - Doggie, Doggie (p.5)

Purple Belt - Old MacDonald (p.6)

Blue Belt - Twinkle, Twinkle (p.7)

Red Belt - Frère Jacques (p.7)

Brown Belt - Hallelujah (p.9)

Black Belt - Ode to Joy (p.10)

Recorder Belts - Grade 5

White Belt - Frère Jacques (p.7)

Yellow Belt - When the Saints (p.8)

Orange Belt - Hallelujah (p.9)

Green Belt - Ode to Joy (in the key of G major) (p.10)

Purple Belt - Lightly Row (p.11)

Blue Belt - Twinkle, Twinkle (p.12)

Red Belt - London Bridge (p.12)

Brown Belt - 2 songs on p.13  (both in the key of F major)

Black Belt - Ode to Joy (in the key of C major) (p.15)

Videos on Playing the Recorder