Wilkinson Music

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Listen to Wilkinson Students Singing on Austra's Latest Recording

In the fall of 2018, a group of a twelve Wilkinson students participated in the recording of Austra's new song, "Mountain Baby". Austra is actually Ms. Stelmanis' daughter!

The students in the recording are: Athena, Alexandra (graduated 2019), Akshyata, Caedance, Emily J., Kiran (graduated 2019), Maggie, Maria, Maxime (graduated 2019), Phoebe, Sylvie, and Zoe W.

Listen below!

The Importance of Music in the Public School System

The TDSB has cut many, many hours per week of music programs (mainly itinerant programs). At the end of this video, they list the schools where music has been cut, and the number of hours of music instruction they had before and after the cuts.

If you are upset by these cuts, contact Robin Pilkey - robin.pilkey@tdsb.on.ca and/or John Malloy - john.malloy@tdsb.on.ca

These are good people who have tough decisions to make, and need to hear from parents and students what they value most.

Watch this incredibly inspiring and uplifting video with Melanie Doane, Jann Arden, and the students from her uschool.

Another inspiring ukulele video from Melanie Doane's ukulele school.

Glockenspiel Sign-Out
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In non-COVID times, there were 19 glockenspiels that students may borrow. Before borrowing an instrument, parents were obligated to complete the following form granting their child permission to borrow an instrument based on the terms and conditions in the form. (Don't worry, the terms and conditions are VERY short!)

Click here for a paper copy of the form.

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