Private Lessons

Private lessons are the GREATEST investment you can make in your band student! We highly encourage ALL Wiley Band students to enroll in private lessons. Lessons offer your child a unique experience that he or she cannot receive in a regular classroom setting. Private lessons are usually 20-30 minutes in length and are on average $17 per lesson. The lesson cost depends on the degree the lesson teacher holds, the years of experience of the teacher, and the length of the lesson. Lessons can occur before/after school OR during their band class! Lessons are NOT tutorials, but are for ALL students who are wanting to see just how great they can be on their instrument!


We understand that there may be a need for financial assistance for your student to participate in the private lesson program. Financial assistance is reserved for the families/students with extenuating circumstances (personal/financial) that participating in private lessons would cause undue hardship. This program does not provide free lessons, but shares the cost with the family. Financial assistance is not guaranteed. Lessons will not begin until your application has been reviewed by LISD, an offer has been made, and your acceptance has been given.

Please indicate on the Online Enrollment Form whether or not you will be seeking Grant Assistance for private lessons.

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