Custom Pieces

From time to time I'm are asked to produce custom turned pieces.

Here is a sample of what I've been requested to produce.

The salt and pepper grinders were made from curly maple and walnut.

The teapot lid is tiger maple and has a curly maple handle with a padauk accent. This was made to replace a broken ceramic lid.

The wands above weren't all commissioned but show a sample of some of the wands I've made.

There's something magical about wands and from time to time I'm asked to make one. The wand below is made of apple wood with an oil finish and buffed to make it shine.

Pieces of History

I've been turning pens for years and the more I make the more I realize some people really cherish their pens. There are a few folks I see regularly who bought pens from me when I first started making them and still carry their special pen in their shirt pocket or display it on their desk every day.

The pens pictured here were made primarily from a piece of teak off of the USS Missouri battleship. I am especially happy with the way teacher's pens came out, the center body and dark end are actually from the same piece of wood. The center body is a bit darker because it came from the worn and stained top side of the deck. The dark end wood, which is a bit lighter than the center, is from the bottom of deck that didn't see weather and staining.

These ornaments where made for the family and are full of elements from my grandparents farm as is described below...

Wilda Christmas Ornament, 2018