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Glider Port Activity Calendar: GliderPort Calendar

Tow Fee Payment Options: On line payments can be made to skylarkstowplane@hotmail.com using PayPal.com A 10% discount applies to tow fees and glider rental if paid within 48 hours, properly documented (date, takeoff time, glider, tow height, glider flight time) using a “no fee” account at PayPal.com. A “no fee” account is one that is funded from your checking or savings account, that does not charge fees to the seller for each transaction as credit card accounts do.

Aero Tow Fees: $15 + $5 per 1000 feet AGL

  • 400’ = $17
  • 1000’ = $20
  • 1800’ = $24
  • 2000’ = $25
  • 3000’ = $30
  • 4000’ = $35
  • 5000’ = $40

Ground Launch: $10 per tow which includes the following:

  • $5.00 Airport Usage Fee
  • $3.00 Ground Launch tow rope usage fee
  • $2.00 Tow vehicle usage fee

Services available: Towplane and towpilot services, glider rental, glider, motor glider and towplane pilot flight instruction; Biennial flight Reviews; glider pilot and flight instructor examiner services using air tow, ground launch or self launch (motor glider); glider and motor glider introductory flights; glider and motor glider maintenance, repair and annual inspections.

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Wichita Skylarks

Gliders and Instruction: Equipment currently made available for rental to qualified pilots is a two-place Schweizer 2-33.

Schweizer 2-33 Rental: $30.00 per flying hour (no minimum charge)

Glider Instructor Rates: $30.00* per hour (* each instructor determines their own fee)