Foundations of Algebra


Algebra I

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Course Schedule

FALL 2018 SPRING 2018

Aug. 1 - Aug. 31: Unit 6 Jan. 7 - : Unit 3

Sept. 4 - Oct. 12: Unit 1 Unit 4

Oct. 15 - Dec. 21: Unit 2 Unit 5


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Delta Math ( is used for weekly homework. It will be assigned on Monday and due on Friday at 8:00 am. This will be completed digitally. Late work is due by the following Wednesday at 8:00 am for partial credit (75% max).

Teacher codes are listed above with each teacher!

Course Details

*Each student will receive a teacher specific syllabus that will outline classroom rules and contact information specific to their teacher.

  • Tutoring is available for ALL students. Students may attend tutoring with any of the teachers listed above or the Learning Links tutoring (signed permission form required) in order to receive additional support.
  • IXL links are available with various skills. IXL allows for 20 problems per day for free.
  • ATA (Almost There Assessments) will be given two days prior to the unit test. This is an opportunity to for each student to see where they are with the unit material. If a student receives an A (90% or above) on any section, they will be able to test out of that section. This practice test will then be used as the study guide for the test and reviewed the following day. Should a student be absent, they will receive the document to review during the review day, but he/she will miss the opportunity to test out.