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2023 Madrigal Dinner 

Sign Ups for the Madrigal Dinner Committees are available now! Please click the button below to sign up! If you have any questions please contact Booster Co-Chairs Toni Brown Toni.Brown@sdowmo.org or Marie Martin martinmariea@yahoo.com 

Tickets are ON SALE NOW!

Homecoming Fun! 

Thank you to all who helped make our Homecoming week a great success! The students had a blast at the parade, football game and our tailgate! 

All District Choir Members 

Congratulations to our SEVEN All District Choir Members! These students will represent WHS in the choir which is hosted on November 18th. We are so proud of these fine musicians! 

Pictured: Olivia Strubberg, Aidan Van Leer, Andrew Dawson, Jobe Weber, Anna Snider, Alina Hayden and Owen Van Leer 

All State Choir Qualifiers 

Aidan Van Leer, Olivia Strubberg, Jobe Weber and Alina Hayden; all placed in the 10% of their sections making them some of the highest scoring participants. These four will go on to audition for All State Choir on November 18th. 

Congratulations on outstanding musicianship! We are so proud of you! 

Choir Schedule  2023-2024

Keep up with all the activities and concerts of the year, as well as important school events at WHS

Choir Handbook

Take a look at what it means to be a student in WHS Choir and the required forms to be a member.

Ms. Patterson 

Jessie Patterson is a highly accomplished and dedicated choir director with a passion for music and education. For the past eight years, she has served as the Choir Director for Washington High School.  Her exceptional leadership and musical expertise continues to have a profound impact on her students, and the school community. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Lindenwood University and is currently working on her Masters of Music Education Degree at Central Methodist University. 

Under Jessie's guidance, the school's choir program has flourished by earning numerous accolades and prestigious awards. Her commitment to excellence has led to the recognition of her students as some of the finest vocal performers in the region. Notably, her choirs have been honored with top rankings in various competitions and festivals.

Jessie's other achievements include leading her choir students on memorable performance trips to iconic destinations such as Washington D.C., and Orlando, FL. These trips not only provide unforgettable experiences for the students but also showcase their talents on national stages. The House of Representatives also honored her with an award for her exceptional performance and dedication in music education after their Washington D.C performance. 

As Chair of the Music Department, Jessie's leadership has been instrumental in fostering a creative and supportive environment for both students and fellow educators. Her ability to inspire and mentor others in the field of music education has left a lasting legacy within the school's arts community.

The impact of Jessie's work as a choir director extends beyond the school walls. Her commitment to community outreach and performance opportunities has brought the joy of music to various local events and venues. Through these efforts, she has strengthened the bond between the school and the surrounding community while giving her students invaluable real-world performing experiences.

Throughout her career, Jessie Patterson has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to her students, her craft, and her community. Her passion for music and commitment to excellence continue to inspire those around her, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless students and fellow educators. 

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