Walking Routes in West Norfolk

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For information about a location - either, click on "...more" in the left-hand column to open a full A-Z index of names, then click on a name - or, zoom into an area of the map, then click on a map pin. Either of these actions will display details of the location.

The Starting Location details include:-

  • an outline description of the location
  • a National Grid Reference for the location
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Longitude and Latitude Coordinates giving a more precise position for the location
  • a description of parking facilities at, or close to, the location

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The Walking Route details, for each route, include:-

  • a walk name consisting of the start name and a number
  • the walking distance in miles
  • a short walk title giving the walk destination or description of the route
  • a link to the Streetmap website displaying the start location
  • a link to the OS Maps website displaying a map of the walking route
  • a link to a GPX Track File of the walking route that can be downloaded and saved

For more about OS Maps and GPX Files please read the information given on the relevant website pages.

walks records last updated : 21 January 2019