Wheeler Crest CWPP

To help prepare for the inevitable next fire, the Wheeler Crest Fire Safe Council has partnered with the Paradise Fire Protection District and the Wheeler Crest Fire Protection District to develop a community wildfire protection plan (CWPP) that involves the residents of both mountain communities and the agencies that manage the surrounding lands.

Thanks to a grant from CalFire, Paradise and Swall Meadows residents have worked with consultants, Deer Creek Resources and WildlandRx, to assess the fire hazards on each residential parcel and develop a plan to minimize the risk of another devastating wildfire.

The goal is to better understand future fire behavior and risk, and to critically evaluate emergency access and evacuation procedures, typical construction practices, and local fire suppression capabilities. Once priorities are identified, funding to implement improvements will be pursued.

This website was created as a means of sharing the CWPP documents as well as other supporting documents and maps.