Data Intelligence Lab

Welcome to the Data Intelligence Lab!

Mission statement: to push the boundaries of data intelligence research and train the next leaders from KAIST

Software 2.0 is a fundamental shift in software engineering where machine learning is prevalent and data becomes a first-class citizen, on par with code. The goal of the Data Intelligence Lab is to pioneer the inevitable trend of Big Data – AI Integration. We work closely with the industry (Google AI, Google Cloud, SK Telecom, and SK Hynix).

We are looking for experienced Post-docs and highly-motivated Masters and PhD students. If you are interested in joining the DI Lab, please read this first. Here is a list of recommended courses and a lab fair poster designed by my students.


  • [2019/8] Honored to receive a KAIST EE Best Paper Award (Top-3 contributor to KAIST university ranking within KAIST EE)
  • [2019/7] Serving as Co-Chair for the Google-KAIST Partnership (Google Korea blog, KAIST press)
  • [2019/7] Serving as Workshop Co-Chair for the Data Management for End-to-End Machine Learning DEEM@ACM SIGMOD workshop 2020
  • [2019/6] Proud to be supported by the KAIST Institute on interdisciplinary research (Reverse image search engine using deep learning)
  • [2019/5] Honored to receive a Classum "best interactive class" award
  • [2019/5] Gave a Colloquium talk on Big data - AI Integration at the KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology
  • [2019/5] Proud to be supported by SK Telecom for the second year (Large-scale image labeling for defect classification)
  • [2019/4] Serving as PC Vice Chair for IEEE ICDE 2020 (Top-3 Database conference)
  • [2019/4] Promoted to IEEE Senior Member
  • [2019/4] Automated Data Slicing for Model Validation: A Big data - AI Integration Approach accepted to IEEE TKDE (top Data Mining journal)
  • [2019/4] Data Cleaning for Accurate, Fair, and Robust Models paper accepted to DEEM@ACM SIGMOD 2019 (first accepted paper with my students)
  • [2019/3] Welcoming our new students Seonghyeon Hwang and Dayun Lee!
  • [2019/2] Committee member for the KAIST AI Graduate School (first of its kind in Korea, press 1, press 2, press 3)
  • [2019/1] Data Validation for Machine Learning paper accepted to SysML 2019 (new conference, first proceedings)
  • [2018/12] Recipient of a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Education Grant (first in Korea)
  • [2018/11] A Survey on Data Collection for Machine Learning submitted (first paper with my students)
  • [2018/9] Recipient of Google AI Focused Research Award (first in Asia, press)
  • [2018/8] Welcoming our new student Byungkyu Lee!
  • [2018/8] Slice Finder: Automated Data Slicing for Model Validation paper accepted to IEEE ICDE 2019 (Top-3 Database conference)
  • [2018/8] Proud to be supported by the NRF through the AI ERC program for 6 years (KAIST MARS AI Integrated Research Center)
  • [2018/7] Proud to be supported by SK Telecom (Large-scale image-based data labeling for component defect classification)
  • [2018/6] Invited talk and panel at the AI with Google Conference (homepage, press 1, press 2, slides) with Jeff Dean
  • [2018/6] Welcoming our new student Yuji Roh!
  • [2018/5] Data Lifecycle Challenges in Production Machine Learning: A Survey paper accepted to ACM SIGMOD Record (SCIE)
  • [2018/3] Interview (in Korean) with the KAIST EE Newsletter
  • [2018/2] Welcoming our first students Geon Heo and Ki Hyun Tae!