Community Redevelopment Of Wethersfield Shop

"Our Village is for living not just for sleeping"

Planning application approved!

Now that we have Planning Consent for our beautiful Village Hub, we have started the next phase of our project which is to raise funding. There are multiple sources of public funding available for our project, we want to make sure we can show that we are providing the right type of offering to best meet the needs of our community.

We intend to run the new facility to compliment the current Club Shop, providing a richer shopping experience in the centre of the village with more expansive accessibility and different opening times. What we stock depends on what you as the customer would like to see provided. We have space for about 150-175 product lines and a variety of other services so we have choices to make in tweaking our business plan, we need your input to ensure we get it right.

Please take a moment to complete our questionnaire below, the final box is a free space for you to add any comments or suggestions you feel appropriate:


CROWS Committee has been established with the intention of creating a community run shop, with postal services, café facilities and take-away refreshments capacities.

We have launched our Community Share Offer Scheme to raise the necessary funds to open a community shop. Shares purchased will be fully refunded if for any reason the shop does not open. You can purchase shares at anytime.

Our intention is to create a shop that will serve the needs of the whole community.

The shop will offer:

      • quality local produce and appropriate store cupboard items

      • local farmers and producers an outlet to sell to local people

      • training and development opportunities to volunteers

      • the opportunity for daily connection with others to those who feel isolated

      • access to less mobile and disabled people

      • local young people will be able to gain valuable work experience in the shop


Bingo Nights, 7.30pm:


Community Share Offer Documents.

QUIZ NIGHT - watch this space for new dates





If you want to discuss items at a CROWS meeting please email details to: we ask that you give a minimum of three days notice.

First survey - pre-planning permission.

The first survey was the initial step in ascertaining local requirements. We needed to know local views on whether there is enough support for a local shop, what provisions should be stocked and preferred opening times. The data collated will not be shared with any third parties, this information will only be used to form a basis for our shop development.

Previous survey headlines:

  • 57% will use the shop 2-3 times per week

  • 75% want to buy local produce

  • 92% want access to postal services

  • 84% say a shop is essential to our community

  • 91% want to see the shop as part of the Village Hall

  • 81% of the surveys returned are from Wethersfield Village

Full details viewable on survey page link.156 Surveys were completed and returned