For the second year running, Western Sydney Subbuteo closed out the year with a tournament squished into that wasteland between Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve, just to keep everyone in celebration mode. Four hardy competitors dragged themselves and their extra kilos off their couches to take part.
In the opening round of matches Geoff played a brilliant defensive game, only for Eliot to settle in and squeeze a winner later in the game. Meanwhile Steve's first half lead was cancelled out by a second half equaliser from Adrian during a riveting draw. The second round saw Geoff take an early lead keeping up his impressive displays...for half a game at least. Steve took command in the second half and slotted home 4 unanswered goals. Meanwhile, on the other table, Eliot commanded possession, as expected, but Adrian defended stoutly, keeping clear chances to a minimum, until 45 seconds before half time, when Eliot finally got into clear space and slotted home comfortably. The second half provided great entertainment as Eliot searched for the sealing goal, opening up his defense in the process. This gave Adrian space on the counter and he began to trouble Eliot. Then , in the evening's most spectacular moment, Eliot wound back the clock to 1977. After one too many attacking flicks went awry, he picked up the offending figure and hurled it across Good Games, reminding everyone of how he got a reputation as an emotional firebrand is his younger years. Adrian later managed an equaliser which cheered Eliot up no end.
Which meant that 3 players were still in with a chance to win the tournament heading into the final game. Adrian partly did his part, with a 1 goal victory over Geoff, but the woodwork continually hindered him from building up the goal difference he really needed. Steve and Eliot were still scoreless at the break in their game, with everything still in the balance. A goal part way through the second half, however, was enough to confirm the title for Eliot.
Steve 1 - 1 AdrianGeoff 0 - 1 Eliot
Eliot 1 - 1 AdrianSteve 4 - 1 Geoff
Steve 0 - 1 EliotGeoff 0 - 1 Adrian
P W D L GF GA GD PEliot 3 2 1 0 3 1 2 7Adrian 3 1 2 0 3 2 1 5Steve 3 1 1 1 5 3 2 4Geoff 3 0 0 3 1 6 -5 0
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The September Cup holds a special place in the history of the Western Sydney Subbuteo club, being the tournament held annually since 2003 to mark the existence of the club. The tournament is now looked forward to every year as the only regular tournament dedicated to Subbuteo brand equipment only. This year, an extra element was introduced with handicaps applied - in the form of the types of bases allowed to be used by players with different levels of experience. Those with more experience had to use bases from the 1980s or earlier, which featured full domes and are, therefore, much more difficult to keep steady when flicking, while those with less experience were able to use the much flatter 1990s Hasbro bases or 2010s relaunch bases.
A small but enthusiastic group gathered for the 2019 installment. Adrians Grunbach and Elmer used 1980s lightweight figures, Steve Dettre used original 1950s flats, while relative newcomers, Othniel Antwi and Ben Vickers both used 1990s Hasbro bases. A straight league was decided upon, with the top two going through to a grand final. Othniel and Steve were first to face each other and Steve immediately rolled back the years to score a couple of remarkable goals and take a 2-0 lead. Othniel, however, then pulled one back to make for a highly entertaining finale. In Ben's first ever competitive match, he played surprisingly well and only conceded a single goal to Adrian E. Adrian G opened his account with a 3-0 win over Ben, while Adrian E slotted 2 past Othniel, a scoreline which was repeated by Adrian G over Othniel. Steve and Adrian then played out a highly entertaining game, with Steve taking the lead midway through the half, though never being in complete control of the game, which ended with Adrian narrowly missing a shot on the run which would have tied the game with its last flick. Steve then faced Adrian G and the arm wrestle which ensued resulted in a goalless stalemate. Othniel and Ben played out an entertaining encounter but Othniel's more experienced shooting skills allowed him to ease to a 2-0 victory. In the final round, Steve also beat Ben 2-0, but the always improving Ben excitedly had his first competitive goal on target. In the battle of the Adrians, G put one past E to take the points in a tight encounter.
A break was taken for a dinner of pizza and wine, before the tournament's two unbeaten players, both on the same number of points and with a draw in their head-to-head encounter (meaning, by Western Sydney Subbuteo custom, they were exactly equal) played each other in the grand final. As with their group game, neither could breach the other's defense, though it was Steve who applied more and more pressure, being comfortable with a defensive line of just 3 figures. However, at the final whistle, for the second time in the tournament, there was a stalemate. September Cup rules declare this meant the players headed straight for a shootout. Adrian buried his first two before making a crucial save on Steve's second attempt, giving him the edge. Steve, however, clawed his way back level, saving Adrian's fourth, before saving Adrian's fifth and giving himself the chance to take the title with his final shot. Adrian, however, was equal to the challenge and so the shootout went to sudden death. Both players had their first sudden death shots saved, before Steve finally broke the deadlock between the two by saving Adrian's second and finishing his own successfully. And so, 5 years after he last won the title, Steve Dettre's name was etched onto the esteemed trophy once more.
An awesome afternoon and evening of Subbuteo, the old figures, cloth and nylon pitches and frustratingly small original 'keepers adding to the drama.
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An enthusiastic collection of players made lots of noise to add to the buzz at Good Games Bella Vista. A few players that haven't featured in competitive play for a long time made their way back into the fold to warm up for upcoming spring league.
Visiting Falcon, Steve Dettre, started out with a sprightly 3-0 victory over Ben Gilbert on the sticky Subbuteo pitch, while Imojjen Elmer and Othniel Antwi played out a highly entertaining 0-0 draw, with both goalkeepers forced into some great saves. Costa Kamarados and Adrian Elmer doubled up their fixture as a Sydney Cup game. Costa rued a double shot of slow beginnings, conceding goals in the opening 30 seconds of each half. Imojjen was able to edge past Ben as they both came to terms with the slow pitch while, in the pick of the round's games, Othniel defended stoutly and then scored a magic shot-on-the-run-from-a-corner goal to earn a point against Steve. In the next round, Adrian cruied past an always improving Ben, Imojjen was no match for Steve, while Costa and Othniel went tit-for-tat attacking each other, with both goalkeepers emerging as figures of the match. In the final round of games, Steve was determined to get his revenge on Adrian on the slow pitch, having lost the fixture in last month's tournament but, in the end, both cancelled each other out with a scoreless draw. In fact, goals proved impossible to find anywhere as Costa and Imojjen, and Ben and Othniel were unable to trouble the back of the net in their final fixtures.
As with last month, a slightly lopsided fixture count meant that the Power Ranking system was used to separate the players and a late night message from Richard Wilson in Kiama affirmed Steve as the evening's winner.
Another highly enjoyable and entertaining evening of table football, with particular thanks to those dipping their toes back in after their time out of the game.
Steve 2 0 Ben Imojjen 0 0 Othniel
Steve 1 1 Othniel Adrian 3 0 Costa Imojjen 1 0 Ben
Adrian 2 0 Ben Costa 0 0 Othniel Steve 3 0 Imojjen
Steve 0 0 Adrian Othniel 0 0 Ben Imojjen 0 0 Costa
The two Godfathers of Australian Subbuteo - Steve Dettre and Louis Micallef, battle it out.


The July edition of Western Sydney Subbuteo's monthly WASPA tournament saw 4 of the club's players, Adrian, Paul, Vince and Louis, host a couple of visitors from Northern Falcons TFC in the guise of Steve Dettre and Eliot Kennedy.
WSS's proud policy of using a variety of pitches worried the visitors, who had clearly stagnated in their ability to only perform on one brand of pitch. Steve wanted it clearly noted that his 2-0 loss to Adrian was played out on an early 2010s Subbuteo brand pitch. His complaints fell on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Eliot powered ahead on his preferred pitch brand with a thrashing of Paul, but struggled to carve out clear cut chances against Adrian, in a game he would have normally expected to win, on the Subbuteo pitch. Meanwhile, the father and son match-up resulted in the younger Micallef, Vince, taking the honours, while Paul found his range to record a victory over Louis and a draw against Steve in his final two fixtures.
With only 5 players present at the start of play, not all players ended up with the same number of fixtures. Loosely based on a Swiss system, it was ultimately decided to dispatch the results down to Power Rankings Guru, Richard Wilson, whose results confirmed what every other possible permutation of the table had arrived at in light of the odd number of fixtures for each player - Adrian came out the winner with 3 wins and a draw, not conceding a goal all evening.
As ever, the evening was filled with much camaraderie, and a small amount of destruction to some of our ever wonderful host, Good Games Bella Vista's, miniatures! (sorry 'bout that!!). Our next WASPA Tournament will happen at the very same venue on Thursday, August 15.
Steve 5 - 1 LouisAdrian 4 - 0 Vince
Adrian 2 - 0 SteveEliot 5 - 1 PaulVince 1 - 0 Louis
Eliot 0 - 0 AdrianSteve 2 - 0 VinceLouis 0 - 2 Paul
Adrian 3 - 0 LouisEliot 4 - 0 VincePaul 0 - 0 Steve


An all Western Sydney Subbuteo saw two of the Micallefs, along with Paul and Adrian, do battle at Good Games Bella Vista. A simple round robin, with each player playing the other was run. In the opening round, Paul put two goals past Louis while Adrian scored three against Vince, his new bases adding some chipping to his shooting. The same scorelines followed in the next round, with Paul slotting two past Vince and Adrian three past Louis. The final matchups were much more even affairs. In the father and son battle, neither could take the advantage with a 1-1 final result. Meanwhile, Paul conceded his first goal in his last six competitive fixtures to also finish with a 1-1 draw against Adrian, leaving them ties at the top of the points table to share the honours.
Paul 2 - 0 LouisAdrian 3 - 0 Vince
Vince 0 - 2 PaulLouis 0 - 3 Adrian
Vince 1 - 1 LouisAdrian 1 - 1 Paul


With bellies full from Christmas and Boxing Day feasts, and with players needing to begin their preparations for the upcoming Australian Grand Prix, it was a sizeable crowd that rolled up to Bella Vista Good Games on a warm Thursday evening, with representatives from all four Sydney clubs. A last minute realisation that there was a lack of goal posts meant that only 3 of the 6 available pitches could be utilised (we live and learn!) so the 10 players were split into 3 groups, rather than the preferred Swiss System which had been planned. An unseeded draw threw up a number of interesting match ups.
In the group stage, both Hermann Kruse and Fabrizio Coco made light work of Adrian Elmer. They finished equal on points after drawing their opening game against each other, but Fabrizio finished in top spot as he hammered Adrian while Hermann could only beat Adrian comfortably. Group Two saw Oliver Ollnow continue his recent run of great results, easily topping his group which featured Dave Sultana and new Sydney TFC recruit, Leonardo Nizzoli. Meanwhile, the 4 player Group Three saw the incredibly unlucky Geoff Sirmai finish in 3rd spot, in spite of amassing 5 points in going undefeated - Both Eliot Kennedy and Steve Dettre also finished on 5 points but had better goal differences than Geoff. Daniel Sirmai was the unfortunate victim of the top 3 players' quest for better goal differences.
In the Repechage section, Adrian saw off Daniel 2-0 while Geoff had the same result against Leonardo. In the Repechage final, Adrian attacked for much of the opening phase, before Geoff came into his own in the latter stages. Neither player could, however, break the other's defense and so a 0-0 result saw the two share the consolation category.
The Barrage saw Hermann score an unexpected 2-1 victory over Eliot, though Hermann's recent form means that this probably shouldn't have been a huge surprise. meanwhile, Steve and David fought out a dogged 0-0, Steve eventually coming up trumps, 2-1, in the shootout. The Semi-final between Fabrizio and Steve was tense for the opening 5 minutes, with neither player taking the upper hand. In a flurry over the next five minutes, however, Fabrizio gained a 2-1 advantage as both goals saw excellent opportunities converted. A late 3rd goal confirmed Fabrizio's passage to the final. The father and son match-up (Hermann v Oliver) in the other semi, saw Oliver revert to the 9-1 structure which had served him well in his recent Falcons' WASPA tournament win. Hermann huffed and puffed but struggled to break down Oliver's dogged defence until later in the game. Hermann then rode out a scary stranded traveling 'keeper moment to hold on for a 1-0 victory.
The final, therefore, saw the two opening game, Group One combatants, meet up again. While they couldn't be split in their first encounter, Fabrizio had obviously warmed up by now. His two unanswered goals gave him his second tournament win for the month.
Thanks to all who turned up and enjoyed yet another hard fought, friendly bunch of games. Thanks, as ever, to our great hosts, Bella Vista Good Games. A happy new year to all with lots more table football action in store.
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It was an evening of schmoozing with the presidents at the HQ of Western Sydney Subbuteo, with Australian Table Football Association president, Adrian Connolly, visiting from Melbourne and the Federation of International Sports Table Football Association president, Steve Dettre, making the trek across from Chatswood. No doubt the other players put in a quiet word with their suggestions for running the game as they took on their illustrious opponents.
A small swiss system was battled out. Western Sydney Subbuteo’s Paul Magee and Paul Stockbridge faced each other in the first round, a game which doubled as their WSS Spring League fixture. Paul M slotted a goal in each half to take the game against a quickly improving Paul S. Meanwhile, Steve went down 1-0 to his Northern Falcons club mate, Hermann Kruse. Western Sydney Subbuteo’s Adrian Elmer opened the scoring in his fixture against Adrian C inside the first minute of their clash which proved to be the only goal action of the entire game.
Round two pitted Paul M against Hermann. A fixture which is always a tight one proved so again, with Hermann coming out on top via a solitary goal. Adrian E came from behind to pip Steve 2-1. On the third pitch, the ATFA president found that every touch turned to gold as he slammed six goals past a shell-shocked Paul S.
The final round saw Paul S recover to go down valiantly 2-1 to the other president, Steve, while Paul and Adrian C battled out a hard fought, goalless match in their first ever meeting. In the tussle for the title, Hermann and Adrian E picked up their ongoing rivalry with another evenly pitted battle. Adrian took the lead midway through the game and tried valiantly to hold on, but the extra pressure Hermann put on chasing the equaliser paid dividends with an equaliser with a few minutes to go, meaning the title would be shared between the two.
An excellent evening of friendly competition, with many thanks, as usual, to our hosts at Bella Vista Good Games.
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September means a couple of important things for Western Sydney Subbuteo, the beginning of the annual Spring League and the staging of Australia's longest continually running tournament - The September Cup. The September Cup also contains an element of particular fondness for competitors as, in keeping with the tournaments history, only Subbuteo branded figures and pitches are used. So, for one tournament every year, 90s Hasbro bases rub up against 80s lightweights, 60s heavyweights and even the occasional team of cardboard or celluloid flats.
This year, 8 competitors turned up to The Old Clubhouse in Toongabbie. Split into two unseeded groups, play soon got underway on one of the coldest September days in living memory. This fact made things interesting for one pitch in particular, the outdoor verandah pitch, where players complained of cold fingers.
Early games saw Kostas Barbaris come from behind to take a 2-1 victory over Adrian Elmer, Paul Magee and Hermann Kruse batle out a frustrating 0-0 draw, Eliot Kennedy edging Costa Kamarados 1-0 and Antonio Credentino putting 2 unanswered past Oli Ollnow who was playing with old bases for the first time in his life. By the second round of games, Oli had got much more used to the bases and ran out 2-0 over Costa. Eliot got on a goalscoring roll, beating Antonio 3-1, though the general play was closer than this. Paul and Kostas scored a goal each in their match while Adrian broke Hermann's heart with a solitary winner scored with just 4 seconds left on the clock.
In the final group games, Group B was reasonably straight forward. Eliot continued his good goalscoring form, in spite of his jetlag (he had made an overnight flight from Korea just to be at the tournament) and was particularly pleased that some of his 1970s curling skills were able to be used for one goal in particular as he beat Oli 3-0. Antonio put 2 past Costa, meaning Eliot and he wrapped up the two top positions in the group. Group B was much more open, with all four players still able to progress and all four players still in danger of missing out. And this was reflected in the tightness of the games. Kostas kept up his unbeaten run with a 1-0 victory over Hermann which gave him top spot in the group and vanquished Hermann to the foot of the table. Meanwhile, Paul used the 'Magee Swarm' for large swathes of his match against Adrian, a factor which contributed to him scoring the game's solitary goal when Adrian fell victim to the dreaded stranded travelling 'keeper.
The Consolation Semi-Finals saw Adrian victorious 2-0 over Costa while the father-son showdown between Hermann and Oli provided some of the afternoon's more boisterous moments. Players inside the clubhouse noted that things must be going bad for Hermann to celebrate a goal so loudly while playing against his son as one of his reactions to scoring on the outdoor pitch could be heard from right around the entire property! In the end, however, this was not enough, Oli running out a 3-2 victor. In the 7th/8th play-off, Hermann took out his frustrations 2-0 over Costa, who finished the tournament with the honour of not managing to get his early 80s lightweights to trouble the scorer across the day. in the 5th/6th playoff, Adrian repeated his earlier feat against Hermann, this time against the son, Oli, as he scored a winner with 13 seconds to go after a very even match.
The main Semi-Finals saw Antonio finally put Kostas' unbeaten run to an end with a convincing 3-0 victory. The other match saw the day's two past masters, legends of the round based figures game from the 1970s and 80s - Paul and Eliot - face each other in the showdown. And the game proved to be as exciting as it had promised. Eliot came out on top in the end (no doubt, the cider he had begun consuming was helping him overcome his jetlag) but it took all 3 of his goals to beat Paul who scored 2 of his own. The 3rd/4th play-off between Paul and Kostas found the pair unable to break each other's defenses and so the day's first shootout ensued. After the tightness of the game, the shootout was a one sided affair, with Paul running out a 3-0 winner after only 3 shots each, to snag 3rd place.
Which left just the Grand Final to be played between Antonio and Eliot. As with the 3rd/4th playoff (and, to show just how even things actually were between all the players across the afternoon), the 20 minutes of regular play failed to split the pair. In truth, it was a reasonably dour affair with lots of midfield tussling but not much goalmouth action. And so the players went to shots. Eliot opened his account with a goal from his first shot, then saved Antonio's effort. From here, things went a little pear shaped for Eliot, however, as is often the case for him in shootout situations. However, he did cling on for a 2-2 scoreline at the completion of the five shots apiece. And so, to sudden death they went. Eliot's first shot was fired straight at Antonio's 'keeper, knocking it away from the goal. Antonio then replied with a deft chip that beat Eliot's 'keeper at the near post to take the title.
A new September Cup Champion - Antonio[/caption]Thanks again to all the players who got right into the spirit of retro fun and fair play that the tournament has come to be known for. A new name on the old trophy is always a great thing as well, so well done to Antonio for joining the elite club. And, to the eternal bridesmaid, Eliot, there's always next year.
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four in for this month's waspa tournament. and it was a family affair with recent recruits, vince and ray bringing along their dad, louis. louis is the owner of possibly the finest subbuteo stadium in australia and played his first game in 1961!!
in the first games, vince took adrian all the way, using his 'keeper brilliantly and setting up the odd chance for himself before settling for 0-0. meanwhile, ray put two past his dad. in the second round, louis showed his experience, scoring and then threatening to do a nude run in celebration against vince. in the end he settled for taking off his jacket. meanwhile, ray bore the brunt of adrian's earlier goalscoring frustrations and conceded 3 unanswered. with all 4 players in with a mathematical chance going into the final game, ray and vince cancelled each other out, though vince's goal was shrouded in controversy. this meant that adrian's win over louis gave him the honours for the evening.
Ray Micallef 2 0 Louis MicallefVince Micallef 0 0 Adrian Elmer
Ray Micallef 0 3 Adrian ElmerLouis Micallef 1 0 Vince Micallef
Adrian Elmer 4 0 Louis MicallefVince Micallef 1 1 Ray Micallef


Thursday, July 19, 2018, 7PMGood Games Bella Vista
Mathew Barrie 0 - 1 Adrian GrunbachAdrian Elmer 3 - 0 Mathew BarrieAdrian Grunbach 2 - 0 Adrian Elmer


Thursday, June 7, 2018Good Games Bella Vista
Adrian Elmer 1 0 Fabrizio CocoFabrizio Coco 4 0 Leivur RagnarssonLeivur Ragnarsson 0 1 Adrian Elmer



Thursday, April 26, 2018, 12PM-3PMGood Games Bella Vista
Junior WASPA Tournament held on Thursday, April 26 at Good Games Bella Vista.8 players competed, split into two groups with the top two from each group going through to the knockout stages and the other two from each playing the consolation stages. Northern Falcons' Oli Ollnow won the grand final against his team mate Jonas Hahn.
All games 2x10 minute halves.NF = Northern Falcons Table Football ClubSP = Subbuteo Parramatta
Group 1 Rd Score 1 Oliver Ollnow 3 0 Hermine Ollnow1 Jonas Hahn 1 0 Ethan Gallardo2 Hermine Ollnow 0 0 Jonas Hahn2 Ethan Gallardo 0 2 Oliver Ollnow3 Oliver Ollnow 0 0 Jonas Hahn3 Ethan Gallardo 0 0 Hermine Ollnow
Pos Player/Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts1 Oliver Ollnow (NF) 3 2 1 0 5 0 5 72 Jonas Hahn (NF) 3 1 2 0 1 0 1 53 Hermine Ollnow (NF) 3 0 2 1 0 3 -3 24 Ethan Gallardo (SP) 3 0 1 2 0 3 -3 1

Group 2 Rd Score 1 Moritz Hahn 0 0 Imojjen Elmer1 Æowyn Elmer 0 0 Angela Wooden2 Imojjen Elmer 0 0 Æowyn Elmer2 Angela Wooden 0 0 Moritz Hahn3 Moritz Hahn 1 0 Æowyn Elmer3 Angela Wooden 0 1 Imojjen Elmer
Pos Player/Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts1 Imojjen Elmer (SP) 3 1 2 0 1 0 1 52 Moritz Hahn (NF) 3 1 2 0 1 0 1 53 Æowyn Elmer (SP) 3 0 2 1 0 1 -1 24 Angela Wooden (SP) 3 0 2 1 0 1 -1 2

Semifinal Rd Score SF1 Oliver Ollnow 4 0 Moritz HahnSF2 Jonas Hahn 1 0 Imojjen Elmer
3rd/4th Place PlayoffRd Score3/4 Imojjen Elmer 0 0 Moritz Hahn
Final Rd ScoreOliver Ollnow 1 0 Jonas Hahn
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