WDms hso

Mission Statement

The West Deptford Middle School HSO (Home & School Organization), is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to strengthening, enhancing and enriching the education environment of West Deptford Middle School while also encouraging strong partnership in the educational process between our families and educators. Our team aims to raise funds for supplemental education materials that support the school and/or classrooms to boost the learning environment, provide fiscal support for extracurricular activities and transportation expenses for student field trips. It is our belief that the team effort between our home and school creates a community that allows our students the opportunity to excel academically, socially and physically toward being exceptional members of society.

Who We Are

President, Denise Dericks

Vice President, Nina Eachus

Treasurer, Trista C. Jones

V. P. of Fundraising, 

Secretary, Stacy Reid

Everything we do, we do to support the kids!