Welcome to West Unity, a community that cares. We’re a small thriving town in Northwest Ohio with much to offer; an ideal location, our downtown businesses, churches, police department, school system, industry/manufacturing, parks are just some of what we have to be proud of.

We are located in Northwest Ohio, at the intersection of US 127, US 20A, and SR 191. We have two federal highways and one state highway along with the Ohio Turnpike route 80/90 with two exits less than seven miles away. Within 175 miles from West Unity there is a population of 30,000,000 people. West Unity itself has a population of around1671 citizens.

West Unity’s downtown is comprised of multiple little stores that bring the small town feeling to life. Most are locally owned and show the pride people have for our community.

West Unity welcomes five different churches, providing worship services for the entire community, along with many other services offered.

We’re fortunate to maintain a 24-hour full-time police force that is dedicated to all the citizens in the community. Our police force is well respected by all other forces in the area. We have one officer on duty at the local school as a resource officer full time.

Millcreek West Unity schools is a PK-12 newly built school system. It is the home of the Hilltop Cadets. Hilltop has strived to produce an environment for students not just to succeed but to excel in their education. Millcreek-West Unity Schools is goal oriented towards helping the environment. With our geothermal energy, and a new solar array being built, we’ll be on our way towards being one of the greenest schools around.

Because of our location, we’re fortunate to procure many businesses that grow and produce jobs for our community. We have plenty of water and electricity, for whatever your needs may be. Please take a look into West Unity if you are searching for a village that cares.

West Unity also has four parks located throughout the town for the enjoyment of all. Our Chamber of Commerce is very busy arranging a variety of activities for the community each year. With all the other organizations and volunteers that West Unity has to offer, those living here or passing through, will not soon forget this lovely, small town appeal. So, if you are looking for a place to call home or start up a business, please come and give West Unity a try.


Don Leu
Mayor, Village of West Unity, Ohio