What we do

Our activities fall into five main areas of focus:

1) Sharing expertise and effort

2) Developing a strong public involvement workforce

3) Supporting each other to adapt to changes

4) Trying new and adaptive approaches to public involvement

5) Monitoring the impact of our activities

Some of our highlights include:

  • Delivering PPI training events and courses across Wessex.

  • Carrying out initiatives to increase diversity and inclusion in our PPI activities. You can read more about one of these projects, called Reaching Out South Central, on our blog.

  • Hosting a workshop and follow up Tweetchat on the topic of ‘Exploring the Impact of PPI in research’. We then secured funding to recruit a PhD student who is taking this further. You can read about her work on her blog.

  • Getting funding to organise a peer-support event for our public members. This is unfortunately delayed due to current circumstances.

As well as delivering on exciting projects, we all find that we benefit hugely from the peer-to-peer support that the network brings. Many of us are quite isolated in our PPI roles within our organisations, and this network provides a channel to seek advice, share our challenges and share our passion for our roles.