The Wessex Public Involvement Network

The Wessex Public Involvement Network (Wessex PIN) is a network of staff and public members who are committed to research that is 'carried out with or by members of the public, rather than to, about or for them’ (INVOLVE, 2020). We call these activities patient and public involvement (PPI).

By working together, we can improve how we involve the public in research (our PPI activities). We do this by sharing our knowledge and supporting and developing each other. We also carry out a number of projects that wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t share the workload between us.

The Wessex region (which covers Hampshire, Dorset, the Isle of Wight and South Wiltshire) has a long history of working together in health and social care. The Wessex PIN was set up in 2017 in response to the National Institute for Health Research 'Going the Extra Mile' report which supported regional working in PPI.