About the Welling research lab

We are located in the Psychology Department at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, USA. Headed by Dr. Lisa Welling, this lab focuses on factors that affect person perception, individual differences in preferences, hormone-mediated behavior, evolutionary approaches to mate choice, and other aspects of human relationships. 

In addition to internal funding sources, our research has been funded by the NSERC (Canada), the ESRC (UK), the ORSAS (UK), and the AIB (USA).

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Recent Lab News

22-25 May, 2024 >> Lisa Welling and former lab member Justin Mogilski presented research at the Human Behavior and Evolution Society's annual meeting in Aarhus, Denmark. 

21 April, 2024 >> Congratulations to Jenna Lunge on being awarded the 2024 Feminist Evolutionary Society's Best Student Talk award at the Northeastern Evolutionary Psychology Society's annual meeting in Niagara Falls, New York! 

10 April, 2024 >> Our paper on relationship initiation and dissolution behaviors associated with the fear of being single by Lisa Welling and Kayla Shephard has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Personality Psychology!

2 April, 2024 >> Congratulations to Kat Sheetz on successfully defending her MS thesis! Kat's thesis investigates the influence of birth control on acceptance of trustworthy vs. untrustworthy male online dating profiles. 

19 March, 2024 >> Congratulations to Kat Sheetz on accepting a PhD position in our lab! 

16 November, 2023 >> Our paper on preferences for facial sexual dimorphism in asexuals by Edge, Vonk, and Welling was accepted for publication in Psychology and Sexuality!

9 November, 2023 >> Some of our past research on attractiveness has been covered by Yahoo News and Crast.net!

24 October, 2023 >> Mogilski and Welling's "Friends with an Ex" paper has been covered in Spanish by Informações Interessantes Showbiz

20 October, 2023 >> Our recent collaboration with the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine, titled "Development and Validation of the ADHD Symptom and Side Effect Tracking - Baseline Scale (ASSET-BS): A Novel Short Screening Measure for ADHD in Clinical Populations" (authors: Joel L. Young, Richard N. Powell, Celeste Zabel, Jaime Saal, Lisa L. M. Welling, Jillian Fortain, and Ashley Ceresnie), was accepted for publication in BMC Psychiatry

3 October, 2023 >> Our recent paper by Welling and Orille on sources of variation in men's attraction to cues to fertility in women has been covered by PSY Post

25 July, 2023 >> Congratulations to Rich Holler and Jenna Lunge, who won the prizes for Best Student Poster Presentation and Best Student Oral Presentation, respectively, at the International Society for Human Ethology's annual meeting in Detroit! Fantastic work!

24 July, 2023 >> Our paper "A preliminary investigation into individual differences that predict men’s preferences for cues to fertility in women’s faces" by Lisa Welling and Alex Orille has been accepted for publication by Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology!

22-25 July, 2023 >> Jenna Lunge, Rich Holler, Kat Sheetz, and Lisa Welling gave presentations at the International Society for Human Ethology in Detroit, Michigan. 

14 July, 2023 >> Research by Lisa Welling and Justin Mogilski on friendships with ex-partners was featured by GQ India.  

15 June, 2023 >> Lisa Welling, Amanda Hahn, and Iris Holzleitner are pleased to announce a call for participation for the recently launched research collection, Hormones and Person Perception. This Special Issue Research Topic is open to submissions from researchers investigating endogenous and exogenous hormonal associations with aspects of person perception and social interaction, including behavioral cues or consequences, hormonal reactions to interpersonal exchanges, assessments of appearance, social judgements, mate choice, and behavioral changes (e.g., influences on dominance, aggression, personality, etc.) that may impact person perception or social interaction. Submissions need not necessarily measure hormones directly, but should include discussion of potential hormonal mechanisms or correlates. The collection will be published in Frontiers in Psychology (IF 4.232, CiteScore 4.0). If interested, abstracts are due 30 October, 2023, and final manuscripts are due 30 January, 2023. Click here to participate!

31 May-3 June, 2023 >> Lisa Welling and Kat Sheetz presented research at the Human Behavior and Evolution Society's annual meeting in Palm Springs, California.  

20 April, 2023 >> Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Welling, who was promoted today to the rank of Full Professor in the department of psychology at Oakland University! 

31 March, 2023 >> Dr. Welling was a guest on KPI's Relationship Sciences Podcast, where she discussed the influence of hormonal contraceptives on relationships. You can view the episode on YouTube or listen to it through podcasting platforms.

14 March, 2023 >> Our paper "Sex Differences in the Perceived Advantage of Coalitions of Kin versus Non-kin" by Melissa McDonald and Lisa Welling has been accepted for publication in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences!

13 March, 2023 >> Congratulations to Kat Sheetz on successfully proposing her MS thesis!

10 March, 2023 >> Congratulations to Kat Sheetz on a job well done while presenting research on trustworthiness of online dating biographies at the OU Graduate Student Research Conference today!

8 February, 2023 >> Congratulations to honors student Yvonne Kieleszewski on being accepted to OU's Masters in Public Health program!

Lab meetings in the time of COVID.


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