Quail Park Home Owners Association

Quail Park is located in a secluded wooded area of southwest Portland. The neighborhood is home to walking trails, a year-round park and regular deer, coyote and other wildlife sightings.

Quail Post Road is the entrance to the park and can be accessed from SW Huber St. from the south, and SW Lancaster Road from the north.

Homes located on the east side of Quail Post Road have even number addresses and homes on the west side of Quail Post Road have odd number addresses.

Quail Post Road is a private road and parking is limited on the main road, and there is no parking permitted on any of the cul-de-sacs in the park. No overnight parking is permitted on Quail Post Road. Drivers are urged to proceed slowly and carefully when driving in Quail Park as the area is popular for families walking with children and pets.