Our U.S. volunteer medical and surgical teams are returning home to Guatemala!

While we encouraged each other faithfully while apart, there is nothing like being together. So, we have based

our celebration of God’s faithfulness and our U.S. volunteers’ return to Guatemala on Romans 1:11

“I long to see you so that…you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.”

We trust that in the days ahead the Spirit will continue to move us, renew us, as God works healing in our lives and in the lives of our patients. We invite you to join us as the journey continues.

Juan de la Cruz

El Petén




Santa Rosa



Welcome Home: Encouraged by Each Other's Faith


The first teams are back! The Parsley/Woolf team was the first of twenty-one teams to serve in 2021. They held the depth of meaning and purpose of being the first team to serve in more than fourteen months. Honoring our Guatemalan volunteers who struggled and believed and served while awaiting our return. Honoring all in Guatemala who trusted that U.S. volunteers would be back. They also held the future of promises to be kept, with open hands and hearts, illuminating the days to come.

We are filled with gratitude and joy to continue the celebration of teams returning home to Guatemala. Giving thanks for your faithfulness in this mission through your support, your prayers, and your encouragement.

Please continue to journey with us as we serve in God's name, for there you will see how God is blessing your faithfulness.

Parsley/Woolf Surgery Team: May 1-8


Surgery Team

May 29-June 5

Throughout the pandemic, we continued to serve.

Each of these initiatives is expanding even as teams return to Guatemala.

Journey with Us