Weight Gurus Wifi Smart Scale Reviews

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Weight Gurus Wifi Smart Scale - Should You Get One

A Smart scale is just one piece of a total health and fitness tracking system. Smart scales record multiple biometric readings such as water content, bone density, and weight to name just a few.

Smart scales are very easy to use and are perfect for those people who do not have a great deal of time to spend in the gym or at the gym. In this Weight Gurus wifi smart scale review you will learn how this scale and app work together to provide you real time data on your fitness goals.

How the Weight Gurus Appsync Scale Works

The Weight Gurus bluetooth scale allows you to take your measurement in minutes and then get a full report within a matter of seconds. It also allows you to see your daily progress on a weekly or monthly basis. The reports can be customized to meet any requirement. Here is a breakdown of the Weight Gurus scale features:

Sync measurements from your bluetooth smart ready device

Measures 6 key metrics



Body fat

Muscle mass

Water weight

Bone mass

Works with Apple iPhone 4S or higher, iPad 3rd generations or higher, iPod Touch 5th generation or higher and select bluetooth smart ready android devices

Large backlit lcd display

Download the Weight Gurus app free on your iOS or select Android device to use the scale’s bluetooth feature

Visit www.weightgurus.com to login and track your progress

Tips on Getting Started Using the Scale

Wifi instructions

Via wifi the scale syncs in 1 easy step to the cloud through your home’s wi-fi network

Step on your scale and results transfer automatically

Bluetooth instructions

Syncs to the Weight Gurus app in these 2 steps

Open app on smartphone

Stand on your scale and results sync automatically

AppSync instructions

Syncs to the weight gurus app in 3 easy steps using your smartphones camera

Open app on smartphone

Stand on your scale

Scan display with camera to sync your results

Benefits of Weight Gurus Digital Body Scale

People have a lot of reasons to use a scale on a daily basis. One of the biggest benefits is that Smart scales are portable and can be used anywhere. They are especially ideal for people who travel and need to keep track of their weight or other health statistics at all times.

Another advantage of using a Weight Gurus smart bathroom scale is that they are more accurate than the older type of weighing scales that have been around for decades. If you want the latest in technology and are looking for an affordable way to keep track of your weight and other health statistics, you should consider a Smart scale.

A Smart scale will make the difference between you losing weight or gaining it. Using a Smart scale along with the Weight gurus smart scale app will give you a good idea of how well you are doing with your weight and what needs to be changed.

Weight Gurus Scale Helps to Keep Weight Off

The Smart scale makes it easy to keep a good balance between your work and personal life by recording the time you spent in each activity. This information can then be used to ensure that you stay motivated and on target for your goal.

The new Smart scales offer different calorie and food choices, which can help you lose weight and keep it off. You can even set daily targets to keep your calorie intake low and stay fit and healthy.

Smart scales are perfect for anyone who wants a fast, accurate and convenient way to keep track of his or her weight and other health statistics. With a Smart scale, you can keep track of your weight without having to make a trip to the gym or to the library to gather the required information.

In addition to keeping track of your weight, a Smart scale can also keep track of your water and sugar levels so that you know when and how much to drink to keep your weight under control. Thanks for reading this Weight Gurus Wifi Smart Scale Review.

Weight guru smart scale review