Just imagine...

Imagine walking into a large room filled with people clothed in colors indicating the number of things they have in common with you: white indicating nothing in common, light green meaning one thing, orange for two things, etc., on up to, say, purple indicating that you have twenty or more things in common with that individual.

Now imagine everyone grouped by clothing color, those in white off to your right, those wearing light green to their right, etc. By simply looking at anyone in one of these groups you would know exactly what the two of you have in common. These could be things like your age range, hometown, hobbies, sports interests,education...or even things that you don't normally reveal publicly, such as phobias or addictions, but with whom you'd gladly admit to someone you share them with.

Welcome to WeGrok! Strasbourg

WeGrok! Strasbourg is a new kind of social app. Rather than being a playground full of strangers you know nothing about, WeGrok! Strasbourg is optimized for a single purpose: to locate people having something in common with you and who live in or around Strasbourg, France.

What kind of things?

Whatever you feel is important to you and what you'd like to find in other people! It could be educational accomplishment, political leanings, a love of art, music, pets. Or perhaps personal values, a philosophy you live by. There is literally no limit to what you can specify, as you'll see below.

Great! How do I begin?

After you log in for the first time, WeGrok! Strasbourg will walk you through setting up your profile, starting with specifying your neighborhood. After that, you can add all sorts of attributes from a large and dynamic list.

What if the list does not include the attribute you want, such as your favorite book? No problem: you can request that the book be added to the master attribute list, enabling all other WeGrok! Strasbourg users to add it to their profiles.

OK, but is it secure?

Unlike other social networks, your WeGrok! Strasbourg profile is viewable only by you. The only users who are able to discern some of your profile attributes are those whose profiles contain the same attributes; in other words, they are able to see only the intersection of your profile with theirs.

After I build out my profile, what's next?

After you save your profile, you're automatically shown a list of people having things in common with you. Their names, which are displayed next to their pictures, are color coded according to the number of things the two of you have in common. By selecting the person, you're shown exactly what you have in common and from that point, you can choose to reach out to them by pressing the Chat icon, which will open a dialog that you may use to send a message.

Is there any support?

Yes. The WeGrok! Users Group offers help in using the app, breaking news, discussion with other users, bug reporting, and a place to send feedback to the development team.

Sounds interesting. Where can I download WeGrok! Strasbourg from?

You may download the Android version of WeGrok! Strasbourg from Google Play and the iOS version from the Apple App Store. Please note that your Android device must be running Android version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or later and your iOS device must be running version 10 or later.