WWG Charger Earth Y.E.S Team

Team mission/motto:

Through experiential and educational endeavors, the WWG Y.E.S. Team strives to make a

difference in our local society; by changing our habits into the values that we want to pass onto

the future generation.

About the Earth Yes Class

We are a group of young individuals trying to make a difference in our communities. We come from the towns of Westbrook, Walnut Grove, Tracy, Dovray, Revere, and the surrounding countryside. We are made up of 11 boys and 3 girls; from freshmen to juniors. We are lucky enough to have Earth YES as a semester class. We spend half our class time learning about topics like insulation, heating/cooling, electrical production, and climate change. Also we show how humans effect the environment, and wildlife of our Earth. The other half of the class is spent working on projects. We are excited to let the community know everything we've done and learned. We encourage the community to help save the Earth with us.

WWG Team Impact