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Drawing the Public Eye: The Unintentional Consequence of "Astroturfing" by Political Organizations - November 10, 2016

tl;dr Donald Trump candidacy was a literal joke. Internet “astroturfers” paid by the Clinton Campaign, injected seriousness into an intentionally absurd community, creating a backlash that lost her the election. It turns out, the joke is on Hillary.

About two years ago, the decision makers in Hillary Clinton's campaign made a critical error. Her paid Internet shills began to respond to a long running joke on 4chan, where the posting culture is specifically geared towards making the most absurd posts possible. Correct the Record lacked the situational awareness and basic intelligence to understand that the posts were not serious and, as a result, began to launch a political attack on 4chan.

In an archived thread, a former Correct the Record employee sheds some light on how it all works, stating that 5 - 6 million was being spent on pro-Hillary Internet posters. Employees are given reddit accounts with 5k+ karma, semi-active twitter accounts and the tools to maximize the time they spend posting on the Internet. It is a tremendous amount of resources to spend in order to target people who like telling jokes designed to get a rise out of people.

The annoyance experienced by 4chan lurkers and posters moved them to interact with these political influences in a few important ways.


First, the war declared by David Brock, upon 4chan, was found to be occurring all over the Internet. Twitter. Facebook. Tumblr. Reddit. Anything that had enough people to make posting worth Correct the Record's time. The resulting exposure brought people out of the woodwork to actively respond to disinformation tactics, fake news on mainstream media, and censorship on these social media outlets, whose CEOs were found to be complicit with Correct the Record.


Second, a variety of leaks were ongoing that exposed a number of scandals that were being ignored by the mainstream media. Being the most useful tool available to debunk what the news was saying, millions of people began pouring over Wikileaks, Offshore Leaks, DC Leaks, Guccifer Leaks and they began to uncover a web of corruption that stretched across the whole world.

Numerous scandals were exposed:

  • The Uranium One Scandal
  • TARP Fund Scandal
  • DNC Paid Agent Provocateurs
  • Weapons to ISIS Scandal
  • Election Fraud Scandal


Third, the amplification of Pro Trump memes, infographs, and anti-Hillary memes became more than the paid DNC Internet machine could cope with. The joke was transformed into a serious movement against censorship and political corruption, pointing out the absurdity of the tactics that the DNC was using to generate support for Hillary.

Calling people and green frog memes racist, homophobic, and bigoted was a microcosm of the tactics that created the anti-PC backlash where everyday people were sick of "victim status" being used as a shield from which to stand behind while attacking common sense and as an excuse for abandoning common courtesy.

It is so easy for the media to create hurt feelings in people that hurt feelings become justification for abandoning civil discourse and the ability to embrace evidence-based solutions in many important facets of public policy. This is why the First Amendment was specifically described by the Founding Fathers as the "right to offend."