Briones Regional Park

How many times have I heard from other hikers how fortunate they feel to live in an urban area with such extensive open space. We are literally on the edge of about 25 square miles of oak grassland with views, sometimes across California to the snowclad Sierra from the ridges, and oak/bay/poison oak valleys. I grew up on the edge of Tilden Regional Park and spent a great many hours with San Francisco Bay and millions of people on facing west, and not a single light facing east. I've always had a retreat from congestion and noise, and can't imagine a life without an escape into someplace natural. So I began this album at home, with views from our deck and the valley below, and a sunset spot a couple of minutes up the hill behind us, thence to the hills and valleys of an old Spanish land grant, public watershed now open to hiking. For the album, click on this link.