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Use the URL Wealthsimple Login to get yourself registered and fully access the exclusive features of Wealthsimple. It is a Canadian virtual investment management service. It offers the best financial services with an easy and approachable method for wealth management for beginners. This platform provides a simple solution for less taxing users through the extremely-basic Wealthsimple Trade platform suite, along with Robo-advisor Invest.Wealthsimple Login provides the right fit for users searching to save their money and initiate the next step on the way to long-term financial security.

Major Benefits of Wealthsimple Login Account

  • Wealthsimple does not charge fees to create an account.

  • On this platform, you can begin investing with a little amount of $1.

  • It offers an easy-to-use interface for beginners.

  • Wealthsimple offers a quick and simple account sign-up process.

  • It does not take a fee to deposit and withdraw your funds.

  • From its mobile app, you can easily manage your account.

  • It provides the best customer service.

Steps to Install the Wealthsimple Mobile App

  • Firstly, open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your device.

  • Then, type Wealthsimple in the search box and click on the Search icon.

  • Now, tap on the Wealthsimple icon from the available list.

  • Next, hit the Install or Get button to begin the installation process.

  • After installing the app you have to create a Wealthsimple Loginaccount to begin trading.

Steps to Sign Up for an Account on Wealthsimple Login

  • First of all, you should visit the official website on Wealthsimple via Wealthsimple Login.

  • On this site, navigate and click on theGet Startedbutton.

  • The sign-up page will open up on your screen.

  • Here, you must enter your email address and a strong login password and hit the Sign-Up button at the bottom.

  • Then, Wealthsimple will send you an email with a verification link to your email address.

  • Head to your inbox and click on the link to verify your email address.

  • Depending on your account type, you will be asked to provide important information like your full legal name, social security number, source of funds, occupation, and others.

  • After that, you will have to link your bank account to fund a Wealthsimple account.

  • That’s it, you have successfully generated the Wealthsimple Login account.

Steps to Access the Wealthsimple Login Account

  • To start, move to the homepage of the Wealthsimple platform from the Wealthsimple Login.

  • Now, navigate and click on the Sign-In button.

  • On the sign-in page, you should enter the registered email address.

  • Then, carefully input the login password in the given box.

  • After that, hit the Log-In tab to enter your Wealthsimple login account.

Steps to Retrieve the Password on Wealthsimple Login

  • Let’s begin with, go to the official Wealthsimple login website.

  • On the main page, hit the Log In button.

  • Then, click on the Forgot Password? Option.

  • On the password reset page, you need to provide the associated email address.

  • Now, you will receive an email from Wealthsimple containing a link to your email account.

  • Open your mailbox and tap on the link to open a new window where you can create a new password.

  • Next, enter your new login password twice in the preferred fields and hit the Confirm button.

  • Finally, you can now use the login password to access the Wealthsimple account.

Steps to Purchase Crypto on Wealthsimple login (Browser)

  • For this, launch any web browser on your PC and visit the Wealthsimple login.

  • Then, you have to get into your Wealthsimple Trade and Crypto account using the login credentials.

  • On the homepage, tap on the Magnifying glass icon visible at the top.

  • Now, enter the currency you would like to buy.

  • Next, input the amount you need to purchase and click on the Buy tab.

  • After that, double-check the details you have filled in recently.

  • If all looks correct, hit the Place Order button to complete your purchase.

Steps to Buy Crypto on Wealthsimple Login ( Mobile App)

  • Open the Wealthsimple app and sign in to your Wealthsimple Login account.

  • Hit the Discover button displayed at the bottom of the page.

  • Now, write the name of the assets you want to buy in the search box and choose it from the stated list.

  • Then, choose the Trade option and tap on the Buy icon.

  • Next, select your order type from the available options.

  • Here, type the dollar value of the assets you wish to purchase and click on the Continue tab.

  • After that, consider your order details and press the Confirm Order button.


Wealthsimple login is the best option for users of all ages hunting to save their hard-earned money. It is one of the safest and easy-to-use platforms. Wealthsimple offers a simple sign-up process without charging any bogus fees. If you know nothing about investing and want to use and know about the Wealthsimple Loginaccount then you can follow the above information and begin your journey with Wealthsimple.