We Color the Bay!

We Color the Bay!

is a series of anti-racist art workshops about:

identity, community and color theory.

Please feel free to use any of these ideas, projects or tools

to teach anti-racism.

Art empowers our next generation to communicate and interact

among so many complexities of contemporary life.

Kids today have inherited a world full of global structures of racism.

Color has often been used as a weapon of divisive, racist policies and mentalities, but...


can be used as powerful tools

to unravel myths of race.

How Can I Be Anti-racist?

  • I learn about my identity. Identity is complex and includes both how I see myself AND how I am perceived.

  • I notice differences. We are not all the same and our experiences are different. Being different is great and makes our world better.

  • I protect the Human Rights of all people.

  • I learn and acknowledge many histories.

  • I reimagine futures.

  • I build up all members of the community and learn how to be an ally.

  • I learn about what racism is...and that race is not a real, it is something that was made up.

  • I recognize and call out racism. Racism happens around us all the time in big and small ways.

  • I take actions to show gratitude and reciprocity.

  • I am accountable for my actions.

  • I share power and work towards equal access to power.