Willow Creek

Art Gallery

Above Image by Ida Toernqvist

Welcome! Here you will find galleries of student work from online learning.

Environmental Art

Grades 1-8

Wearable Art

Grades 1-8

Artwork Recreations

Grades 4-8

Pillow Forts!

Grades 1-8

Self Portraits

Grades 1-2

Found Object Color Wheels

Grade 1

Still Life Portraits

Grades 2-3

Toilet Paper Roll Sculptures

Grades 1-4

Chameleons and Sea Turtles

Grades 1-4

Floor Plans

Grade 4

Van Gogh-Inspired Bedroom Drawings

Grades 5-6

Community Art

Grades 1-8

The Met-Inspired Art

Grades 3-8

Alternate Perspectives

Grades 5-8

Kitchen Art

Grades 7-8


Grades 7-8