Ways to Recover/Remove/Unlock Outlook PST file Password

Microsoft provides its users a facility to apply a password to their Outlook but sometimes entering the password again and again would be irritating for the users. Sometimes, the users forgot the password of their file then it becomes difficult for the users to open the PST file.

How to unlock Outlook PST file?

There are several ways by which a user can unlock the password of PST file. One of them is the famous Microsoft’s inbuilt facility i.e. ScanPST.exe tool. It can be applied to any version Outlook. This method will completely scan the PST files and repair all the files of Outlook to protect the content of these files. This method is one of the good methods but somehow it has some disadvantages like it sometimes becomes confusing for the non-technical users and quite lengthy procedure that makes it not appropriate for all the users.

Professional technique – PST Password Recovery Tool

A professional PST Password Remover is introduced that is applicable to all the users whether they are technical or not and the software takes a very fewer efforts and time of the user. With the easy handling interface, there are no issues occurred in performing password recovery. With this application, a user swiftly removes the password so that a new password can be easily reset. You can recover the password in bulks.

Key benefits of the application

§ Bulk password recovery facility

§ Work with ANSI & UNICODE PST both

§ Independent application, no extra tool required

§ Remove/recover password of targeted PST files

§ Safe, accurate and trusted application

§ Saving of outcomes to any preferred location

§ Support all MS Outlook versions

§ Completely comfortable on all Windows OS

§ Free demo available for testing the tool

Working of PST Password Remover application

The software has only a few steps working and with few simple commands, you can get the password of your PST file.

Step 1. Downloading and installation

The first step is to download and install the software successfully on your system.

Step 2. Adding PST file or folders

The next step is to add PST file of a folder of PST files by whom you want to remove/reset the password.

Step 3. Preview facility

Once you load PST files, you can view them in the Preview pane and their status.

Step 4. Unlocking PST files – Remove or Reset

Choose either remove or reset the password from your PST files. In case of Reset, u can set a new password to your PST files.

Step 5. Process now

Once you have completed all the steps, finally place your cursor to Process Now option and it will take a few minutes to unlock your PST file password.