Data Papers

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Reviews and Invited Papers

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Clinical Papers

Sagar V Parikh 1, Daniela Lopez 1, Jennifer L Vande Voort 1, Jose Rico 1, Eric Achtyes 1, William Coryell 1, Andrew Goddard 1, Fernando Goes 1, John F Greden 1, Balwinder Singh 1, Adam Kaplin 1, Mark A Frye 1, Daniel Maixner 1, Brendon Watson 1, Karina Drake 1, Vijay Tarnal 1, Patricio Riva-Posse 1, William V Bobo 1, Bio-K Study Team 1  Developing an IV Ketamine Clinic for Treatment-Resistant Depression: a Primer.  Psychopharmacol Bull. 2021 Jun 1;51(3):109-124.

Published and Shared Code

Buzcode: a code library for electrophysiologic data analysis.  I am part of a consortium of contributors including the lab of Gyorgy Buzsaki.  

My other code repositories for electrophysiologic data

Watson, B.O. Yuste, R, Packer, A (2016).  PackIO and EphysViewer: software tools for acquisition and analysis of neuroscience data.