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Values Based Approach to Decolonization

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Prioritized Values - Expanding our ability to reflect on what kind of values we prioritize in the western world, our personal lives and workplace environments. In order to decolonize we need to understand the current values we tend to focus on the most. 

Out of Balance - Once we can clearly identity what values we are over prioritizing in our current society they we can unpack what the impacts are on a personal and societal/structural level. 

Ideas for Change - Once we can see where we are out of balance and can clearly name what is lacking, then we open to new possibilities. Here we can start to build tangible changes that create healthier and more effective work environments


Take a moment to reflect on how much you were raised to value ‘productivity’. At its core this value is a wonderful and important part of any society or individual's life. Pushed too far however, over-productivity can lead to a wide range of negative side effects such as burnout, lack of relationship building or limited patience. When time and energy aren’t invested into other values like self-care or relationship building, things can become out of balance. In this workshop we will explore what values are being prioritized and what other values might help bring more balance. Using communication exercises, value reflection charts and group breakout conversations we will take a deeper look at what could bring more balance to our lives and the systems we are a part of.

Healthy Masculinity for Men, Sports Teams & Male Professionals 

The need for healthy male models is greater than ever. So much research shows us that almost every marker of success is dependent on having male role models in our lives to help us along our journey of growth and development.

There are certain things that our current education system is not teaching that is critically important for men and young men to thrive and succeed in life. Even more so, this content needs to be delivered in a way that holds their attention with a balance of fun and meaningful activities. Weaving beatboxing and raps about healthy masculinity help create an engaging and powerful experience.

In my approach I like to use exercises that engage the body, spark the imagination and use diagrams to get across complex concepts in simple ways. At the heart of my intention is to continue to find a variety of ways to make the process of becoming a great man a enjoyable and fulfilling one.

Areas of Exploration & Skill building:

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Group Facilitation for Workshops, Meetings &  1-on-1 sessions

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Team & Community Building Workshops


Building a team that knows how to support each other is crucial for success. Laughter, genuine connections, healthy risk taking, peer celebration and learning more about each other are all qualities that take time to establish and normalize in your team’s chemistry. We all have different backgrounds and grow up in different ways, so setting a tone for a healthy supportive culture is key to having everyone working from the same page. This workshop grounds your team in the key skills necessary for an environment where everyone can thrive in their own role. It’s a wonderful combination of interactive fun, meaningful connection and learning tangible skills.

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Indigenous Allyship Trainings

Learning about Indigenous people from past to present is becoming more normalized. Yet there is a big gap between having a basic understanding of indigenous people’s history and actually having the practical skills to be an effective ally. What do I mean by “effective’ Ally? Well how many times have you tried to have a conversation about an indigenous topic and it turns into an argument or debate? My question here is...Does this really get us what we want? Does this truly support indigenous people? Or does it in fact create bigger walls and widen the gap? In this workshop, I will teach you a variety of techniques so you can better engage with others and raise awareness about indigenous people. Let’s work towards maximizing the chances of accomplishing our support healing, increase safety, bring empowerment and create change for indigenous people.

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Confidence in the Workplace


Authentic confidence is one of the greatest assets an individual can have. Yet in my experience most people rarely work on building it to its fullest potential. This workshop explores the source of where authentic confidence comes from. Connecting to our core values and living in our passion is something that can be tangibly felt from those around us. When someone embodies this ability, people listen, doors open and the foundation for trust can be built. This workshop will help each member of your team connect to what’s important to them, build up their self-belief and let their authentic confidence shine. 

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Boundaries & Respectful Assertiveness

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Communication Skills for Complex Conversations (NVC)

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