Dr Wanqing Li


Associate Professor

Director, Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI)
Co-Director, Advanced Multimedia Research Lab (AMRL)
University of Wollongong, NSW 2522, Australia
Office: Building 3.101; Tel: +61 2 4221 3995;
Email: wanqing@uow.edu.au
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  • Recruiting high caliber and highly motivated graduates for PhD, Master of Philosophy or Master of Computer Science by Research

  • 10-11-21, Australia's top researcher in Multimedia, (250 top Researchers, The Weekend Australian)

  • 20-10-21, World' top 2% of the most-cited scientists (released by Stanford University)

  • 03-09-22, Elected as a member of Multimedia Systems and Applications (MSA) TC of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, (September 2022-)

  • 15-09-22, paper "Reducing Background Induced Domain Shift for Adaptive Person Re-Identification" accepted by TII

  • 21-08-22, paper "C2FNet: A Coarse-to-Fine Network for Multi-View 3D Point Cloud Generation" accepted by TIP

  • 18-06-22, paper "Region-aware Hierarchical Latent Feature Representation Learning Guided Clustering for Hyperspectral Band Selection" accepted by TCYB

  • 07-04-22, paper "Contrastive Positive Mining for Unsupervised 3D Action Representation Learning" accepted by ECCV 2022

  • 03-03-22, paper "Deep Stereo Image Compression via Bi-directional Coding" accepted by CVPR 2022

  • 01-11-21, paper "A Two-stream Neural Network for Pose-based Hand Gesture Recognition" accepted by TCDS

  • 24-10-21, paper "A Central Difference Graph Convolutional Operator for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition " accepted by TCSVT

  • 10-08-21, paper "Deep Affine Motion Compensation Network for Inter Prediction in VVC: accepted by TCSVT

  • 21-01-21, paper "MIEGAN: Mobile Image Enhancement via A Multi-Module Cascade Neural Network" accepted by TMM

  • 11-08-20, paper "Beyond Covariance: SICE and Kernel based Visual Feature Representation" accepted by IJCV

  • 26-07-20, paper "DeFusionNET: Defocus Blur Detection via Recurrently Fusing and Refining Discriminative Multi-scale Deep Features" accepted by TPAMI

  • 20-06-20, elected as the ICME 2021 TPC Co-Chair representing MMSP TC, IEEE SP

  • 20-04-20, paper "Semi-Dynamic Hypergraph Neural Network for 3D Pose Estimation" accepted by IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 (12.6% acceptance rate)