Full record is available on Google Scholar (including 2 in Nature Communications, 1 in Nano Letters, 1 in Physical Review Letters)

Manuscript in preparation:

1. First-principles study on the origin of high electrical conductivity of layered material TiS2

H. Wang, Y. Sun, S. Lei, and S. Zhang (manuscript in preparation)

2. Enhanced light emission from the ridge of two-dimensional InSe flakes

Y. Li, H. Wang, S. Shi, and S. Zhang (manuscript in preparation)

3. Correlation effect in Weyl semimetal candidate EuCd2As2

L. Rong*, H. Wang*, M. Radovic, Y. Shi, J. Ma, M. Shi, T. Qian, Y. Huang, H. Ding, R. Tai, S. Zhang (manuscript in preparation) (*) co-first authors


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