Walton County Comprehensive Transportation Plan

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The Walton CTP process is nearing completion

What is a Comprehensive Transportation Plan?

A Comprehensive Transportation Plan, or CTP, serves as a roadmap for how a community would like to see its transportation network develop to serve current and future needs. Walton County’s CTP focuses on all modes of transportation, including roadways and bridges, transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and freight.

As Walton County has grown, it is now part of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s (ARC) 20-county Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Each of the counties included in the MPO is asked to develop a CTP to be incorporated in the ARC’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The ARC counts on each county to set its own local priorities to ensure that the counties consider their own unique transportation issues, engage the public, and develop a prioritized plan, that will set a direction for transportation investments looking forward to the year 2050.

By developing a CTP, Walton County’s local transportation projects can be eligible to compete for valuable state and federal funding.

Draft Vision Statement

Walton County will develop a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) to serve as a roadmap for the transportation network development to accommodate existing and future needs. The CTP must make economic sense to the County and City elected leaders, and it must be an efficient and ‘common sense’ plan that can be successfully implemented with projected available funding. The CTP will:

  • Promote economic vitality for the County and individual cities.

  • Prioritize cost-feasible and implementable projects and policies.

  • Build consensus through the public engagement process.

project schedule

The CTP plan development is a 12 month process.

We Want to Hear from You!

No planning effort is successful without the voice of the public. We want to build consensus every step of the way. Please check this website often to view and download the latest documents, to learn about public involvement activities, and to give your input.