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Thank you for visiting Walrus Network, a record-keeping initiative for captive walruses that began in 2014. I am deeply grateful to the parks and people who have helped me maintain these records as completely and accurately as possible. Please contact me to report any missing or inaccurate information, or feel free to send any questions or comments you may have about captive walruses or this site.

Annual Overview

There are approximately 135 walruses currently living under human care in 2019. More information and statistics on the captive walrus population will soon be provided on a separate section of this site.


To my knowledge, six walruses have been collected from the wild in 2018.

  1. Six pups · Center for the Adaptation of Marine Mammals · 2018

The pups, a male and five females collected in Chukotka at under a year old, will be exported to China. Information regarding their destinations is not yet known to me.


To my knowledge, five walruses have passed away in 2018.

  1. Samka · Aquarium du Quebec · Jun-28
  2. Buttercup · MarineLand of Canada · unknown
  3. Den · Kinosaki Marine World · Apr-20
  4. pup · Tierpark Hagenbeck · Sep-01
  5. Zeus · MarineLand of Canada · Dec-26


To my knowledge, two walruses are pregnant or due in the 2019 birthing season.

  1. Arnaliaq · Aquarium du Quebec · pregnant
  2. Kaboodle · SeaWorld Orlando · pregnant


To my knowledge, one walrus has been transferred in 2019.

  1. Izumi · OitaToba · 2019-Feb-07

Upcoming Site Changes

I'm slowly beginning the process of rolling out several site changes and updates in 2019. These include:

  • Adding references to walrus and facility profiles
  • Creating profiles for unlinked listed individuals
  • More complete and informative walrus profiles (weights, diets, etc)
  • Renaming of walrus URLs containing numeric name suffixes

Potential future updates which are currently low-priority or in conceptual stages will include:

  • Updating and replacing facility maps to the site
  • Historical annual overviews, yearly event archives
  • Exhibit information and exhibit histories for facilities
  • Facility profile image(s)
  • Adding a segment for causes of death to walrus profiles
  • Listing of import groups on walrus profiles and/or site page
  • Adding photos to walrus profiles

If you have any comments or suggestions on the changes made to this site, please feel free to contact me via any of the links on the contact page listed in the menu. Thank you for your contributions!