This year, we have decided to support organizations in Nebraska, who are working to fight human trafficking. Each of these organizations play a critical role in combating human trafficking; each has their own role to play and we believe collaboration is imperative in eradicating modern slavery. Donating to any or all of these causes is a tangible way to get involved in the mission to end slavery in our state. Click on any of the names below to donate.

The Mission for the Central Nebraska Human Trafficking and Immigration Outreach is to ensure that trafficked persons are treated as victims and not as offenders. To increase public awareness of the crime of human trafficking and it's impact on our community, through education, research, training and community outreach. To engage in advocacy at local, state and national levels on behalf of human trafficking victims, and to provide comprehensive immigration services to all victims of crime.

We are a statewide organization committed to ending human trafficking in Nebraska.

Set Me Free Project understands that when we bring prevention education to youth and families, traffickers lose their power.

Set Me Free Project offers our services at no charge. We travel to schools, youth groups, and communities in order to empower our youth by teaching them to value themselves. At the same time, we give them tools to help protect them from the evils of trafficking, as well as make them aware of the potential dangers of social media. Concurrently, we educate parents on how they can help keep their kids safe.

Set Me Free Project also provides training on the subject of human trafficking. We offer training for industries and leaders in the community that are interested in becoming educated on the subject of trafficking and on how to spot victims of human trafficking.

Rejuvenating Women provides the first and only safe and caring home in Nebraska, where survivors who have suffered exploitation can heal, called Restored Wings.

Rejuvenating women is a faith-based, non-­profit organization committed to providing hope and restoration to those enslaved in human trafficking. We are committed to developing relationships with the girls and women who are deeply wounded by being a victim of human trafficking by loving each and every girl right where she is at.

I’ve Got A Name is committed to eradicate sexual exploitation and sex trafficking through education, prayer and financial support. Through our fundraising efforts, we partner with those that have proven their effectiveness to prevent, protect, rescue and restore those who are vulnerable, threatened or have become victims. We offer prayer and hope for the broken and to all that are impacted.

The Coalition on Human Trafficking was created following a directive from the National Leadership Conference of Women Religious, and originally consisted of the Notre Dame Sisters, the Sisters of Mercy and the Servants of Mary.

Arlington High School Honors History

Honors History is a junior level class that works with the National Parks Service to preserve historical sites and stories of the Underground Railroad. The class has currently nominated 23 sites to the Network to Freedom, a program of the National Parks Service that recognizes sites associated with the Underground Railroad, across the nation. Students take the experience of researching historical slavery and work to be modern-day abolitionists. Donations to this group will help fund the student research trips.

Checks should be made payable to Honors History and mailed to Arlington Public Schools P.O. Box 580 Arlington, NE 68002.