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Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees

This critically-acclaimed documentary follows Diana Bereford-Kroeger as she engages in a journey which explores the science, folklore and restoration challenges of the global forest. Trees are literally the lifeline of the planet and the key to reversing climate change. The documentary sounds the alarm regarding the drastic diminishing of the global forest through human activity and offers a call for immediate action. It proposes a simple strategy for each of us to plant a tree a year to combat climate change.

“It will start with a shovel and an acorn – and we might just change the world.”

--Diana Beresford-Kroeger

LaPêche Global Forest Initiative

• We invite everyone to become part of a world-wide effort to restore the global forest, the lungs of planet Earth. Individuals can make a difference. We invite you to celebrate trees. We invite you to plant a tree. We encourage you to think like a tree.

• The initiative was inspired and will be launched by a screening of the acclaimed documentary: Call of the Forest, The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees, featuring the visionary scientist: Diana Beresford Kroegher (

• The LaPeche Global Forest Initiative is a citizen's committee which, in consultation with the Municipality of LaPeche, local arbourists and students of perma culture will plant mixed micro forests of indigenous trees at various sites on an annual basis.

• We hope that individuals and families will be inspired to participate. New members are heartily welcome.

• Our first planting will be at Fairbairn Heritage Centre on May 12, in conjunction with Wakefield LaPeche Fair Trade Committee's Fair Trade Fair. (

• In 2019 we will plant at the Wakefield Elementary School.

• Donations are welcome. Gift cards featuring a stunning painting by local artist Anne Swiderski are available in French and English for $20. Recipients will know that a contribution to the global forest has been made in their names.

• Gift card recipients will also be eligible for a draw offered by Chantal Boucher of Les Serres Bourgeon ( the prize being a $50 gift certificate.

• Donations will be used to cover the costs of procuring and nurturing our micro forests.

• Our partners to date are: The Municipality of LaPeche, Wakefield, LaPeche Fair Trade Committee, Fairbairn Heritage Centre, Wakefield Elementary School

For more information contact: Noelle: or ilse:

Lunch Menu

Vegan chili by the Natural Chef, Tanya Skeates

McMillan Farms Beef chili

Desserts by Sinner’s Pantry with various cricket-protein treats

Coffee served all day by Beanfair

Life Without Plastic

2018 is a watershed year for plastic reduction worldwide. The International Earth Day Network has made “A World Without Plastic Pollution” its keynote campaign for 2018. From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches and landscapes to clogging our waste streams and landfills, the exponential growth of plastics is now threatening the survival of our planet. Recent chilling research indicates that the entire Earth is now covered in a layer of microplastic pollution that has infiltrated our food and water, and even the air we breathe. In response, Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to providing the information and inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behaviour about plastics. Our individual actions to reduce plastic use do make a difference, and are more crucial than ever.

Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha will offer a bilingual presentation to frame the issue from various perspectives: health and environmental, global and local, plastics and alternatives... and what we can all do to have the greatest positive impact in reducing plastic pollution. Time will be provided for small-group discussions among participants, aimed at developing ideas into local initiatives/actions that can be undertaken over the coming year to reduce plastic dependency in our community. Jay and Chantal will wrap up the session by helping select the best ideas and mapping next steps to get results!

The best action ideas will receive a free Life Without Plastic product or a signed copy of their recent book LIFE WITHOUT PLASTIC: The Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Avoiding Plastic to Keep Your Family and the Planet Healthy -- helpful tools to assist in decreasing our dependence on plastics.

Chantal and Jay are inspirations for anyone looking to turn a dream into action. After the birth of their son, they set out on a journey to eliminate plastic baby bottles from their life. When they found it was difficult to procure glass baby bottles, they made it their mission to not only find glass and metal replacements for plastics, but to make those products accessible to the public as well. Chantal and Jay are the co-founders of Life Without Plastic, an online shop and information resource for safe, high quality, ethically-sourced, Earth-friendly alternatives to plastic products for everyday life. Their book distills years of experience seeking out plastic alternatives into an accessible how-to guide for living with less plastic.

Tree Climbing for Kids

This ever-popular event returns, courtesy of Leilak Anderson and Jamie Robertson.

There is no charge, but tickets are required to manage numbers. Tickets are available starting at 9:30 at the info desk in the WCC lobby, and climbing times will be set in advance and shown on tickets. First ascent time: 10:00: last time: 2:00. Climbers must be accompanied by parents; tickets will be issued to parents only.

Photographs will be provided.

Songs and Tree Stories with the Chelsea Youth Choir

Kids! Do you love trees? Do you love singing? Do you love stories?

Then join us in the Wakefield Library where singers from the Chelsea Youth Choir will teach you songs, tell you stories and even help you do a yoga Tree Pose!

And - then after 3:30, you get to help us lead the audience in singing the songs!

1:00 (English)

1:45 (French)

2:30 (Bilingual)

Electronics Recycling

Our recycling partner, Le Ricochet, will again offer pickup of electronics for recycling. Look for the sign in the parking lot. Goods received from 10 through 1 pm.

See here for materials accepted.

Earth Day Concert!

The Song Kitchen Choir and the Chelsea Youth Choir come together to form one huge, multi-age choir for this concert. What better way to celebrate our Earth?! This concert is great for all ages, especially as we'll be inviting you to sing along with us for some songs! Donations gratefully accepted at the door.

Getting There

If you're not able to walk or bike to Earth Day, please consider carpooling to minimize fossil fuel consumption.

Go to this site to offer spaces in your car, join a trip that's already been posted, or join the waitlist of passengers seeking a ride.

A couple notes on using this system:

• Specify the sector you'll be coming from (eg., Masham; Low; Old Chelsea) in the "City" field.

• Drivers get an email notification when a passenger signs up to their car, and those on the waitlist get a notification when a new car is posted.

Drivers: to see your passengers' info, go back to the same link click on "details" below your own name, then click on the name of each passenger.

• If you need to change or delete your info, just go back to the same link and click on your name.

• Need help? Contact Lori at