Earth Day /Jour de la terre

Wakefield La Pêche

Sunday /Dimanche 22 avril /April 22, 2018

Centre Wakefield La Pêche


9:30 am Centre Opens

10:00 - 12:00

Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees

This critically-acclaimed documentary follows Diana Bereford-Kroeger as she engages in a journey which explores the science, folklore and restoration challenges of the global forest. Trees are literally the lifeline of the planet and the key to reversing climate change. The documentary sounds the alarm regarding the drastic diminishing of the global forest through human activity and offers a call for immediate action. It proposes a simple strategy for each of us to plant a tree a year to combat climate change.

The screening will be accompanied by a presentation of the The LaPêche Global Forest Initiative.

Tree climbing for kids with Leilak and Jamie: 10am to 2 pm

Noon: Local lunch: Beef and Vegan Chili options and Desserts


1:00-3:00 pm

Life Without Plastic

The world's largest environmental movement has dedicated Earth Day 2018 to providing the information and inspiration needed to change human behavior about plastics.

Here in Parliament, bill M-151 has been introduced to combat the crisis by tackling plastic pollution at its source, especially targeting single-use plastics, and provide much-needed funding for shoreline and ocean clean-up. More information.

In this feature session, the Wakefield entrepreneurs who founded Life Without Plastic will provide us with both information and inspiration, and then give attendees the opportunity to plan and carry out local initiatives.

So come prepared to learn and then apply what you learn to make a difference! Prizes will be awarded.

Other Activities:

In the Library: Kids: Share songs and tree stories with the Chelsea Youth Choir.

1:00 (English)

1:45 (French)

2:30 (Bilingual)

In the Studio: Youth: Join CWF biologist Carolyn Callaghan in a YOUTH-LED discussion about conservation of our local forests. What might forest conservation look like here in Wakefield / La Peche? Do we want to make a youth-driven action plan? The discussion will cover impacts of climate change and the importance of maintaining the ‘natural capital’ to reduce climate change impacts.

Outdoors: Create tree art with Heather MacDonald’s Nature Catchers project.

4:00 pm

Concert and Sing-along

The Song Kitchen Choir and the Chelsea Youth Choir come together to form one huge, multi-age choir for this concert. What better way to celebrate our Earth?! This concert is great for all ages, especially as we'll be inviting you to sing along with us for some songs! Donations gratefully accepted at the door.

Bring your electronics for recycling by Maison Le Ricochet

See here for materials accepted.

Except lunch, all events are free; donations are welcome.

Getting there:

If you're not able to walk or bike to Earth Day, please consider carpooling to minimize fossil fuel consumption.

Go to this site to offer spaces in your car, join a trip that's already been posted, or join the waitlist of passengers seeking a ride.